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Listed on this page will be all blogs that I am aware of pertaining to Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India. These will include current and past blogs by foster parents, volunteers, and advocates. I also have a space for incoming volunteers who need financial support!

Incoming volunteers

  • Support returning volunteer Alicia here!

Alicia says:

I am going back to India for a year!

As many of you know Becca and I spent the month of February in India with an organization called Sarah’s Covenant Homes. As February sped by I knew that I would be back soon. My heart ached to stay and throughout these last few months I have been praying and listening to hear in what capacity I would be returning…

…My role at SCH this time will be that of a house parent. As a house mom my hopes and goals for the year are to advocate for the children, to make known their need for forever families, to help them grow and learn, to foster community in the home, and, most of all, to show them they are worthy of love.

All house parents at SCH are volunteers and that means I need your help. My goal is to raise $12,000. This money will cover the cost of my room and board, flights, visa, and money for the children that will be in my care. It will cover daily needs for the kids, doctor’s appointments, outings, and much much more. I ask that you will prayerfully consider making a donation to my goal of $12,000.

I know not everyone is in a situation where they can give. If that is you then please know that your prayers are also so very welcome. Please pray for God’s guidance during these upcoming months. For the children’s health and safety and for their forever families wherever they are. I would also love prayer for wisdom. The wisdom to know how to best care for His children and advocate for them.

You can donate to this link [see above] which covers my room and board for the year.

Thank you for any and all support! 


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      • The Baker Family, who also have a Facebook page and an Instagram page. You will need to have an Instagram account and request to follow Anchor Navy to have access to Instagram posts. The family are the new directors of SCH, who have replaced Sarah, James, and their children when they returned to the US; and, the Bakers adopted CK (*Brianna) from Courage Purple!
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      • Support Taylor by visiting her GoFundMe page here!
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  • Former foster parent blogs:
    • Tori
    • Nikki, who also blogs about her daughter, Deepa, who is blind, and other issues related to the blind community
  • Casey, former volunteer & teacher at Courage Home, blogs about advocacy & other things that weigh on her mind


    • Krystle (blog under construction – sign up for future updates at the homepage)
    • Victory is currently in need of foster parent(s). You can apply here, if interested.
    • Truth is currently in need of foster parent(s). You can apply here, if interested.
    • Malea advocates for SCH on her blog, which also features posts about her pending adoption
    • Sarah, a former foster mom who lived at a home that has been merged with Courage Teal due to multiple adoptions, blogs about advocacy, as well as her pending adoption
    • Edolbina, a former volunteer who visited SCH around 2012 with her husband, Andrew

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