About Me

With this blog, I intend to share causes about which I feel strongly, including adoption advocacy and support, disability acceptance, and gender equality, as well as other topics. I may also write about personal affairs, link to other blogs, and boost posts.

A little about me:

I’m 27 years old. I am a secretary, wife, artist, writer, designer, daughter, sister, future mother, peace lover.

I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Wayne State University.
I love my friends. I love my family. I love my husband.
I love writing, reading, painting, drawing, colouring, being creative.
I love, love, love music of all kinds.
I love children.
I love possibilities.
I love trees and Mother Earth.

Causes I support, and links to sites that are close to my heart (click each photo for a link to the website):

SCH-related Resources

SCH Logo BlackPD: SCH’s logo, featuring the name written in black abbreviation w/ red writing underneath spelling out “Sarah’s Covenant Homes”. A heart-shaped flower blooms from the name.

Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India (click here: Facebook page)

ASB logo

PD: Anjali School for the Blind logo. “Anjali” is written in red, w/ “School for the Blind” underneath. Braille characters for ‘ASB’ are above the name in red.

Anjali School for the Blind at Courage Home Purple in SCH


PD: OTS logo is black block writing w/ red bar above.

One Tiny Starfish – lifestyle blog written by Nikki of Courage Home Purple, about raising a child who is blind (Facebook page)

Other Websites

Maya’s Hope Foundation Child Sponsorship, supporting Ukrainian & Philippine children (Facebook page)


PD: RR logo is a photo of 2 boys hugging. 1 has Down Syndrome. Both are grinning. Text over the photo reads “Live simply so others may simply live”

Reece’s Rainbow Adoption Advocacy (Facebook page)


PD: RK logo is black writing, w/ “Adoption & Child Welfare Advocacy” written underneath & a rainbow wheel of stylized children w/ arms raised.

Rainbow Kids Adoption & Child Welfare Advocacy


PD: LS logo reads the name w/ stylized birds’ nest above the writing that looks like it has been hand-drawn. 2 sets of leaves are on either side & 1 blue feather in the middle.

Lost Sparrows: Bringing hope to children who need it most

Lost Sparrows is dedicated to improving the lives of orphans and those with special needs through education, proper medical care, and adoption. Our current focus is in areas of Eastern Europe and Bulgaria.

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