Find Me Friday: *Blaire!

PD: A girl stands against a white wall, wearing a traditional Indian sari that is hot pink, blue, & gold w/ paisley accents & sparkly glitter. Her hands are at her sides, wearing blue bangles.

In this series, each Friday, I want to share a different child or group of children with you who are available for adoption and listed through the adoption advocacy website Reece’s Rainbow. There have been recent updates and a new SCH child’s profile has been shared on the site! When more SCH kids are listed, I’ll continue to feature them!

Please note, the names used on RR are usually not the childrens’ real names, and their real names will only be shared with seriously interested families in order to protect their identity.

Today’s featured ‘Find Me Friday’ child is: *Blaire! *Blaire is a 5-year-old girl who lives at Anchor Home in a South Asian country, and is waiting for her family to find her. She is available to married couples and single moms!

She currently has $4.50 in her FSP, since she’s brand-new – let’s help grow her account!!!

PD: *Blaire lays on her back in the green grass, wearing a baby pink velvet dress! She has light brown skin, her long, shiny black hair is pulled into a high pony w/ a silver scrunchie, & her brilliant smile is visible under the graphic that covers part of her face to protect her identity!
*Blaire! Credit: SCH/RR

PD: *Blaire lays on her back in the green grass, wearing a baby pink velvet dress! She has light brown skin, her long, shiny black hair is pulled into a high pony w/ a silver scrunchie, & her brilliant smile is visible under the graphic that covers part of her face to protect her identity!

*Blaire’s Medical History

*Blaire was born with cerebral palsy. She receives physical therapy, and her current therapist has been working with her for several years. Last December, *Blaire had a feeding tube placed. At the end of February, she had a second surgery to have her feeding tube replaced due to minor complications.

*Blaire’s Education

There is an on-site school in *Blaire’s foster home, in which she participates daily. Support that school here.

Other information About *Blaire

*Blaire was born in 2015. She is described as a sweet child who loves attention. *Blaire loves to go on walks and enjoys swinging on the porch swing. Ever since her g-tube placement, she has been doing so well health-wise! Her cheeks are getting nice and plump! *Blaire is deeply loved by everyone in the home, especially by her caregiver. She is very bonded with her current caregiver, and will follow her throughout the room as she moves! *Blaire is a sweet child who lights up with 1:1 attention and would thrive in a family who will love and advocate for her.

From her sponsorship page at her foster home:

“This little cutie can easily be described as loyal. She adores her primary caregiver and once you have won her trust, there’s no turning back. She enjoys being pushed in the swing, sitting on the balcony, having the wind blow through her hair, and tummy time. *Blaire attends classes in the home, where she participates in circle time as well as sensory activities. She receives physiotherapy, and is gaining strength from her hard work. She has the sweetest giggle that she often lets out right after she eats.”

*Blaire is partially sponsored, so needs $80/month! Sign up to sponsor her here.

You can read more of what I’ve written about *Blaire here.

**Please note: Many other children at SCH are also available for adoption, and you can find a list at the top of this blog under the drop down menu ‘Adoption Advocacy’ using the drop-down option ‘Waiting Children’. If you are from the US, you could adopt any eligible waiting child under the age of 16 (up to age 18 in some places outside the US – check with your local government to learn more.)

For more information regarding adoption from her country in general, you can visit this site. It is the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) of the Ministry of Women & Child Development.

An important part of SCH’s work is YOU! If you cannot afford to, or are not in a position to adopt, there are many other ways to ensure SCH can continue to offer such a high level of care and amazing quality of life to these children. SCH relies on donations to keep running. Donation opportunities include child sponsorship at any cost per month, from as low as $25/month. Sponsorship usually costs between $300 and $400 per child, depending on complexity of needs and which city they live in (Ongole or Hyderabad).

You can sponsor any child who needs additional funding at SCH by using the resources found here. Use these resources to get involved in other ways, such as becoming an advocate or volunteering. You can also become a medical sponsor (ideal for large groups or organizations who wish to support SCH) and donate toward monthly emergency medical expenses; or an educational sponsor and donate toward a specific on-site school. Learn about other ways to give charitably to SCH here, and check back often for additional opportunities.

*A note about names: SCH uses online nicknames for the children in order to protect their identity, per Indian government guidelines which state that children in care may not have identifying photos of them on the internet, as well as no identifying information such as birth name, place of origin, etc. No full-face photos will be posted.

Connect with SCH: Official Website | FacebookTwitter | Instagram

PD: the SCH logo – black text reads ‘sch’; red text below reads ‘sarah’s covenant homes’; heart-shaped flowers bloom from the name.

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