Find Me Friday: Anna & Alex!

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PD: RR’s logo states ‘Reece’s Rainbow’ across center, w/ signature 3 diagonal brush strokes in blue, pink, & green. Above & below in a circle are the words ‘Special needs adoption support’.

In this series, each Friday, I want to share a different child who is available for adoption and listed through the adoption advocacy website Reece’s Rainbow. All the kids who are listed on RR from Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India, the focus of my previous posts, have been posted about, so now I am focusing on a few kids or a sibling group listed on the site each Friday going forward. When more SCH kids are listed, I’ll continue to feature them!

Please note that the names used on RR are usually not the childrens’ real names, and their real names will only be shared with seriously interested families in order to protect their identity. Today, you’ll meet a set of boy-girl twins!

Today’s ‘Find Me Friday’ kids are: Anna & Alex! Let’s find their family! The two were born in 2004, they are located in an Eastern European country (the report update below states Bulgaria), and are waiting for their family to find them. They are eligible to be adopted by married couples, older parents, and large families! They have been listed since 2016. Additional photos and videos are available through the agency.

$595.50 has been donated towards the cost of their adoption! You can give too, by donating at their Reece’s Rainbow profile. In addition, Anna and Alex are eligible for a $2,000 grant offered by Reece’s Rainbow for children in this specific country, dependent on available funding.

Alex & Anna! Credit: RR

PD: A 4-photo collage of Alex & Anna. Both wear sweaters; Alex stands in a classroom area holding a toy, & Anna sits in a stroller. Alex has white-blonde hair & Anna has light brown hair; both have a light complexion.

Anna’s Medical History

Anna was born with cerebral palsy, and as a result is severely delayed. She has spastic CP that impacts her entire body. She and her brother were born premature, each weighing around 2 pounds.

Alex’s Medical History

Alex was born with cerebral palsy and has been diagnosed with bronchopulmonary dysplasia, cerebral leukomalacia (brain injury from birth), and an intestinal hernia which will likely require surgery. His report indicates that he has one-sided flatfoot and a possibly shortened thigh length on one leg.

Other Information About Anna

At the time of her listing, Anna was unable to stand. While Anna did vocalize, she was unable to articulate words. She had severe cognitive delays, and it appeared unlikely she would be able to make these up. Anna smiled when touched and was willing to play games, but she tired quickly and required constant stimulation to stay engaged. She was unable to feed herself and was fed through a bottle.

From a 2019 update:

When lying on her back, Anna can raise her right hand to reach for a toy. With some assistance, she can roll onto her stomach and, once there, can hold her head up and track objects. She turns her head to sounds, and vocalizes and smiles when happy. Sometimes, she reacts to her name by turning her head when called. She will respond to an adult talking to her by making sounds back. She raises her arm when someone waves hello or goodbye. She can follow some very simple commands she repeatedly hears. It is unclear whether she receives physiotherapy, but could probably benefit from multiple interventions including PT, occupational therapy, and possibly an alternative form of communication (perhaps PECs, like her brother, or an eye-gaze controlled computer).

Other Information About Alex

At the time of his listing, Alex was described as “lackadaisical” and “good-natured.” Alex was able to walk 5-6 steps before falling over, and had generally uncoordinated fine motor skills. He did vocalize, but his speech patterns were underdeveloped. The assessment from Bulgaria stated with appropriate interventions, Alex could make up for some delays, but his capabilities would always be limited.

From a 2019 update:

Alex attends an early intervention program where he is receiving therapy and basic preschool services. He can only say a few words, but is learning to use PECS (picture exchange communication) and is up to PECS level 4, which is the ability to use picture cards to build sentences. He can sort by shape and color, stack blocks, and is learning beginning handwriting skills (tracing, drawing lines, etc). He plays with toys appropriately. He is showing imaginative skills (tucks a baby doll into bed, feeds stuffed animals, etc). He is classified as having a mild intellectual delay based on preschool testing.

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