Find Me Friday: Leena!

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Updated July 2019 to add a new photo of miss Leena! She is about 8 years old now and still waiting 😦 But I know her family is out there!

In this series, each Friday, I want to share a different child with you who is available for adoption and listed through the adoption advocacy website Reece’s Rainbow. All the kids who are listed on RR from Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India, the focus of my previous posts, have been posted about, so now I am focusing on a few kids or a sibling group listed on the site each Friday going forward. When more SCH kids are listed, I’ll continue to feature them!

Please note that the names used on RR are usually not the childrens’ real names, and their real names will only be shared with seriously interested families in order to protect their identity.

Today’s featured ‘Find Me Friday’ kid is: Leena! Let’s find her family! She was born in 2011, lives in an Eastern European country, and is waiting for her family to find her. She is eligible to be adopted by large families and older parents! She’s been listed since September 2015.

Leena has a $1,000+ donation grant to help cover the cost of her adoption.

PD1: An updated photo of Leena! She has light blond hair & is wearing a pink frilly princess dress, standing next to a huge stuffed animal almost the size she is! She has 1 hand hovering above the toy, & the other held near her chest.
Leena in May 2019! Credit: RR

PD1: An updated photo of Leena! She has light blond hair & wears a pink, frilly princess dress, standing next to a huge stuffed animal almost her size! She has 1 hand hovering above the toy & the other held near her chest. She appears happier than her previous photo from 3 years ago!

PD: Leena stands in front of a toy shelf, wearing a pink long-sleeved shirt & blue jumper. She appears to have reddish-brunette hair & brown eyes.
Leena in 2015. Credit: RR

PD2: Leena stands in front of a toy shelf, wearing a pink long-sleeved shirt & blue jumper. She appears to have reddish-brunette hair & brown eyes.

Leena’s Medical History

Leena has been diagnosed with Phenylketonuria, also known as PKU.

The following was stated about her medical condition in 2015:

Due to PKU, she needs a specialized diet and medicine. The baby orphanage she grew up in didn’t provide the proper care, so (part of) her developmental delays may be caused by that. In the facility where she currently lives tries to provide the proper care; they do not receive funds for it, so they raise it themselves with a charity fund.

Other Information About Leena

From a volunteer who met her in August 2016:

I was happy to see Leena is still the same strong-willed young girl as last year. She is available for adoption now! She was a little calmer than last year, but would still take every chance she got to run around. Just like last year, it was obvious some nurses have a very hard time with her and others love her. She’s much calmer when the nurses like her, and she’s easier to handle. It was unclear if she was totally potty-trained this year, or if she’s still working on it. It was also unclear if she got the diet she needed, but her delays didn’t look worse. Leena is such a wonderful girl! She should be in a family where she has the chance to be who she is, all days of the year.

From a missionary who met her in 2015:

Leena is a strong-willed young girl who is stubborn and funny. She loves to explore the world (within the concrete walls she lives between). She was transferred to this facility in May, and she is obviously still getting used to the circumstances of living there. She had a lot more freedom in the baby orphanage. Leena can walk, run, and is very energetic. She can drink from a cup. This summer, she was being potty-trained. She doesn’t speak, but squeals when she is very excited. She is probably the size of a 3-year-old at the moment. She probably understands what is being said to her, but has a hard time following orders. They really try to take good care of her; some nurses really like her, other nurses have a hard time dealing with her, because of her energetic ways.

She likes to move and run around all the time. As soon as you let go of her hand or take her out of her wheelchair, you have to chase her. As soon as you give her an opportunity, she’ll take it. Some days, she was tied in a wheelchair and we thought she might have been drugged. She didn’t react, didn’t smile, didn’t interact until the moment my fiancé pulled her from the wheelchair, and it was as if she came alive again. I have not seen any self-harming behaviours and I haven’t seen her hurt other children. I have also not seen her interact with other children at all. The nurses don’t like it when she gets excited, but for me, it was a sign she was not so institutionalized yet. There was so much fight in her. I hope she finds a family before she loses the strength to fight, and before her delays get worse due to a lack of proper specialized diet and medical care.

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