Find Me Friday: Grady & Vanessa (siblings)!

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PD: RR’s logo states the name ‘Reece’s Rainbow’ across center, w/ signature 3 diagonal brush strokes in blue, pink, & green. Above & below in a circle are the words ‘Special needs adoption support’.

In this series, each Friday, I want to share a different child, sibling set, group of children, or multiple single children with you who are available for adoption and listed through the adoption advocacy website Reece’s Rainbow. All the kids who are listed on RR from Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India, the focus of my previous posts, have been posted about, so now I am focusing on a few kids or a sibling group listed on the site each Friday going forward. When more SCH kids are listed, I’ll continue to feature them!

Please note that the names used on RR are usually not the childrens’ real names, and their real names will only be shared with seriously interested families in order to protect their identity.

All three of today’s kids are at risk of aging out! The age-out year is 14 in this particular Asian country.

This week’s featured ‘Find Me Friday’ kid is: sibling set Grady and Vanessa! Let’s find their family! Vanessa was 16 and Grady was 10 at their listing date in February 2017. They live in an Eastern European country and are waiting for their family to find them. They are eligible to be adopted by single moms, large families, and older parents!

Grady. Photo credit: RR

PD: Grady has dark eyes & dark hair. He’s standing outside wearing a yellow t-shirt w/ plaid shorts.

All About Grady

Grady is an adorable little boy who is very social and loves to communicate and interact with others. He has lived with in foster family with his sister since 2008. Grady is on the shorter side, but with well-developed motor skills. He enjoys activities and dynamic games. He shows some cases of chaotic movements of the body. He does well with drawing pictures, but his attention can be unstable and this makes learning content in school difficult. He is very competitive in games and communicates well, but with a slight speech impairment. He understands when he messes up and feels guilty. He isn’t very independent, but doesn’t ask for help if he doesn’t need it. Grady is excited to find a family and wants to be adopted!

Vanessa. Photo credit: RR

PD: Vanessa has light brown hair & brown eyes. She is standing in front of a fence, wearing a gray top w/ writing & pink flowers on it.

All About Vanessa

Vanessa is a beautiful, young girl who is sweet and easy to interact with. She has lived with in foster family with her brother since 2008. Vanessa is very social and initiates conversation with people she knows, but not as well with people she just met. She has a well-developed short and long term memory, and does well at summarization with limited information. She has good fine motor skills and is healthy and athletic. She is competitive, but not aggressive. Vanessa will be able to be adopted past age 16 as long as she is adopted with Grady. She is kind-hearted and can’t wait to be adopted!

*** We are eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***


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