Find Me Friday: Stellan!

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Update January 2019: Stellan’s family is coming! Support them HERE!

In this series, each Friday, I want to share a different child with you who is available for adoption and listed through the adoption advocacy website Reece’s Rainbow. All the kids who are listed on RR from Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India, the focus of my previous posts, have been posted about, so now I am focusing on 1 or 2 kids or a sibling group listed on the site each Friday going forward. When more SCH kids are listed, I’ll continue to feature them!

Please note that the names used on RR are usually not the childrens’ real names, and their real names will only be shared with seriously interested families in order to protect their identity.

Today’s featured ‘Find Me Friday’ kid is: Stellan! Let’s find her family! Stellan was born in 2005, lives in China, and is waiting for his family to find him. He is eligible to be adopted by single moms! AT RISK OF AGING OUT! Needs a family to commit before April 2019! Please help us spread the word about this amazing kid!

PD: a 5-photo collage showing Stellan sitting at his desk in school, in his wheelchair w/ a book in front of him, & w/ a volunteer.
Stellan! Photo credit: RR

PD: a 5-photo collage showing Stellan sitting at his desk in school, in his wheelchair w/ a book in front of him, & w/ a volunteer.

All About Me

Stellan is a smart and sweet young man born. His file lists ‘malformation of vertebral column’ as his diagnosis, but it has been determined that he has Morquio Syndrome (MPS, which is considered a form of dwarfism – click to learn more!). Stellan is a model student who loves not only language, but acting, as well! He loves to draw, write, sing, and dance. He’s described as polite, respectful, outgoing, active, positive, and brave. Stellan is a great kid who leaves a strong impression on those who meet him.

There is a $5,000 agency grant for Stellan’s adoption with his current adoption agency. Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions.

The LPA also has a $5,000 grant for his adoption!

*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant (through Reece’s Rainbow)! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***

Be sure to watch his videos and read all the comments from visitors who have met him below!

Video 1Video 2Video 3; brand new video

One visitor said:

Stellan is a very special little boy I had the opportunity to meet this past spring. He has been in orphanage care all his life and yet, at 13 years old, he is still waiting. He will age out in April of next year if a family doesn’t move forward soon. I was told he can transfer to his wheelchair independently and can walk for a bit with a walker and even join dance performances with his class for short amounts of time. When I met him, he was shy, polite, and had a beautiful, timid smile. A girl in his class started to sing and he joined in. When he finished, he said he wasn’t as good at singing as she was, and I told him he should do something he enjoyed and was good at. He chose to recite poetry for me. When I asked what he liked, he said he liked to read, and when I asked what he didn’t like, he said math. Things are not accessible in China for someone with mobility issues, and his future does not look good if he doesn’t find a family. He was really sweet and appropriately shy around strangers, but with some encouragement he showed me his art and homework, and he was so proud. In his class, there was an older girl matched with a family, and he was so genuinely happy for her. There was also a boy who had aged out, and the contrast was heartbreaking.

A traveling mom who met Stellan said:

I met this fella in December of 2017. He is an absolute gem! Our new daughter, Clara, kept getting in his space and trying to push his chair. He really took her behavior in stride and was so patient and pleasant. There was just something so precious about him.

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