Adoption for Single Dads

This is going to be a reference post regarding adoptions by single dads. I will focus on the website Reece’s Rainbow, as this site has a list of children available for adoption by single fathers. Adoption by single fathers is less common due to social stigma, but some countries are beginning to change their views on this.

Some places allow adoptions by single dads, including many Latin American countries and South Africa. Often, children with disabilities are also available to single fathers, due to the urgency of their condition or the fact that children with disabilities, especially older children (children greater than the age of 3), are less likely to be adopted by prospective families.

Note: The children listed below who you see ‘older child grant’ mentioned, are eligible for a special grant for which prospective parents can apply. Learn more about the grant here.

Meet all the children available to dads here.

Below are highlights of some children who are currently waiting and are available to single dads.


PD: Kristal is wearing a floral tank top, standing outside in what appears to be a park. She has long, black hair parted on the side & wears square-rimmed glasses.

Kristal was just listed yesterday (4/11/18)! What a privilege to be able to share her with you. Click her photo above to be redirect to her RR page! She is eligible for an older child grant through RR. Kristal lives in a Latin American country. Kristal is blind. She is currently learning Braille and wants to be a musician. She also likes science. She’s said to be peaceful, organized, and pays attention to details. She would really like to have siblings! She’s available to both single dads and single moms.


PD: Luna has a bright smile on her face & her hair is in 1 braid down the back. She is wearing a teal tank top!

Luna was just listed today (4/12/18)! What a privilege to be able to share her with you. Click her photo above to be redirect to her RR page! She is eligible for an older child grant through RR. Luna lives in a Latin American country. Luna is blind, reads and writes in Braille, and uses an abacus to do math. She is described as a resilient and extroverted girl! She loves to swim, play music, and sing. Luna wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. Luna would be happiest (and has also requested to be) in a home where she can be the youngest child, and get lots of attention from parents!

Charity, Levi, Micah

PD: Collage of 3 photos. Photo 1 is Charity, standing with her hands on her hips, wearing a blue top & jeans, smiling. Photo 2 is Levi, standing in a plaid button-down shirt & blue jeans. Photo 3 is Micah, standing in a pink button-down shirt & blue jeans.

This sibling group, who must be adopted together, has been listed since early 2017. Click their photo collage above to be redirected to their RR page! Charity is the eldest at 12 years old. She is described as a good student, but is 3 years behind in school as her parents didn’t send her. She has a great memory and is perseverant. Levi is the middle child, who is 9 years old. He reportedly has some learning disabilities that have put him behind in school. He has some untreated strabismus, or crossed eyes. He also has some language delays and receives speech therapy. Micah is the baby of the siblings at age 6. He’s described as an average student who is in speech therapy for mild speech delays, which are disappearing.


PD: A plain, black silhouette is in place of Luthuli’s photo to protect his identity.

Luthuli was listed in 2016. Click his photo above to be redirected to his RR page! Luthuli lives in South Africa. He was 3 as of June 2016. Assessments by a doctor previously diagnosed Luthuli with macrocephalus, brain atrophy, and frontal bossing. While there are unknowns for Luthuli’s future development, he’s been reported as developmentally on target and has not shown signs of developmental delay. He loves to play with other children his age!


PD: Leigha is strapped into a stroller, wearing a pink shirt & white vest. She has black hair and dark eyes with a somber expression.

Leigha was listed in 2015, when she was 1 year old. Click her photo above to be redirected to her RR page! Leigha lives in a Latin American country. There is no other information listed except that she is a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome. She would be 4 years old now. This girl needs a papa! She is also available to single moms and large families.


PD: Jamison is standing against a blank white wall wearing a huge grin! His hands are behind his back. He is wearing a blue/white striped shirt.

Jamison was listed in 2015. Click his photo above to be redirected to his RR page! Jamison lives in a Latin American country. Jamison has Down Syndrome. Jamison is described as sweet and very affectionate. It is noted that he loves to play outside! He is also available to single moms and large families.


PD: Esme is wearing a white shirt. She is smiling big for the camera with her hands clasped next to her face. She has short, brownish-blonde hair and big, brown eyes!

Esme was listed in 2015. Click her photo above to be redirected to her RR page! Esme lives in a Latin American country. She was incorrectly diagnosed with Down Syndrome. She actually has Ritscher–Schinzel 3C syndrome, a rare condition, of which symptoms include heart defects, cerebellar hypoplasia, and cranial dysmorphism. She had heart surgery and had a correction of her AV fistula in her right wrist. She takes asthma treatments. She has been living in a foster home and is very affectionate with her foster family, playing with her foster siblings, and getting along with children closest to her age. Her foster mother describes her as a happy, obedient, sociable child, and they enjoy having her in their home. She is very outgoing and attends to most of her self-care routine. She does have enuresis, which affects her bladder and urination control. She is in speech therapy.  Don’t let the rare diagnosis scare you away, this girl is kind, affectionate, funny, and lovable. A papa could really spoil her!


Visit this website for more general information on adoption: National Council for Adoption. Check out Reece’s Rainbow to learn more about adoption! There is another, unaffiliated website called Rainbow Kids, which also lists kids who are available for international adoption. You can also check out WACAP, a prominent adoption agency.

WACAP’s mission statement:

At WACAP we believe that all children deserve to be in a stable, healthy family. By PURSUING prospective adoptive parents, we find the right family for each child. We SERVE children and families through the adoption processing and say YES, we can make this happen. We assure stability in placements through lifelong SUPPORT of each adoption. We CARE about the children who are not yet adopted and help them through our aid support.

Feel free to poke around my blog to find more resources on adoption!


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