Sponsorship Spotlight: Jubilee Home!

PD: A girl stands against a white wall, wearing a traditional Indian sari/saree that is hot pink, blue, and gold with paisley accents and sparkly glitter. Her hands are at her sides, wearing blue bangles on her wrists.

Post updated July 2019

Short-term foster mom Katie is trying to get sponsorship levels up at Jubilee Home, where she is serving with SCH for a season! Katie sends out monthly email communications regarding her stay, and she also has a blog, which you can find on my SCH Blog resource list, under the SCH Resources tab at the top of my blog. The following girls still need a large amount of sponsorship. Katie’s goal is to have all the girls at Jubilee fully sponsored by the end of February! I know we can help by sharing about these amazing girls.

When you sponsor a child(ren) at SCH, you will receive quarterly updates on how, and what,  they are doing (4x/year)!

About Jubilee Home:

“Jubilee is where our older girls with cognitive delays and learning and behavioral disorders live. We have a team of special educators on-site that work with our girls to develop social skills and establish learning habits. Our girls and young women take part in a vocational program to not only give them some responsibility but to aid in making SCH more self-sustaining. Jubilee consists of two individual foster families; Jubilee Blue and Jubilee Lavender.”

The girls of Jubilee Home attend on-site school. Learn more about New Horizons School, as well as donate toward operational costs, here.

Today’s sponsorship boosts are for the following 3 girls who live at Jubilee (click each girl’s name to be redirect to her sponsorship page, where you can set up recurring payments):

Update on *Susan, July 2019: *Susan has moved to Anchor Home! This decision was made because Jubilee and Joy Homes will be merging due to rent spikes at the Jubilee apartment complex. It was determined that *Susan would benefit from the Anchor Home environment, along with fellow sweetheart *Lauren! Lauren still needs $116/month to be fully sponsored! *Susan’s sponsorship has been stagnant since this posting and she still needs $100/month to be fully sponsored! To become a sponsor, visit each girl’s sponsorship page.


From her SCH sponsorship page:

*Susan has such a sweet, special personality. She is a gentle and quiet sort of girl but is full of laughter when she finds something particularly amusing. She has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and an intellectual disability. *Susan loves music and going for rides in her wheelchair. She also loves affection and is all smiles when you engage her in conversation.

Katie says:

“*Susan is an insanely sweet and beautiful girl. *Susan loves bean bags, snacks, and loud unexpected noises. *Susan is good at letting us know when she wants the fan off and staying up all hours of the night.

*Susan currently is 71% funded and needs $100 more monthly to be fully funded.


From her SCH sponsorship page:

*Felicia is a happy, content girl with the most endearing giggle. Though she is nonverbal, she enjoys watching the world around her and is now learning to stand on her own. She has made astounding progress from the time she first arrived at SCH! *Felicia enjoys music class and watching colorful educational videos. She is very ticklish and laughs and giggles whenever you talk to or tease her. She has a sweet smile that we never grow tired of seeing.

Katie says:

*Felicia is a quiet girl who loves being talked with. *Felicia loves sneaking over to rest on other girls bean bag chairs and spending time with her friends. *Felicia is good at getting unwanted hair out of her face and smiling. Recently, *Felicia has started pulling herself up on the couch when she wants to relax.

*Felicia is currently 0% funded and needs $350 more monthly to be fully funded.

Update on *Rhoda, July 2019: *Rhoda has lost a sponsor since original posting, and so now needs $325/month to be fully sponsored.


From her SCH sponsorship page:

*Rhoda is a very sweet, funny girl with a hilarious, heartwarming giggle. She has autism and epilepsy. She loves playing with dolls, small blocks, and other stacking type toys. She also loves music and always chooses the miniature symbols during her music class at school.

Katie says:

“*Rhoda knows what she wants and that’s the end of that. She loves coffee, tea, and chapati. *Rhoda is good at sticking to her word and rolling her r’s. *Rhoda is the only girl in the house that speaks Hindi, not Telugu.

*Rhoda is currently 14% funded and needs $300 more a month to be fully funded.

Each of these girls are unique in her own way. They have talents and gifts. They triumph and fail. They love and are loved.

Sponsorship provides many things to these girls, not the least clean drinking water and nutritious food and supplements; loving caregivers to provide round-the-clock care; access to medical procedures, medications, special supplies, mobility aids, and therapies; an appropriate education, a much more. Trips to the beach or the ice cream stand; button-down shirts for boys and dresses for girls. Gold or silver jewelry (mostly earrings and bangles) to make them feel love and cherished (this is the custom in India – parents give even their very small baby girls bangles to show how much they are loved).

No matter the disability, no matter the age, no matter the circumstances, no matter the difficulties. SCH provides a home with loving care, but they can’t do it without us. Without you. SCH receives no help from the government, as they are a non-profit. That means they must bear the task of raising funds to support their children. The kids are totally worth it.

As stated, an important part of SCH’s work is YOU! SCH relies on donations to keep running. Donation opportunities include child sponsors at any cost per month, from as low as $25/month. Sponsorship usually costs between $300 and $500 per child, depending on complexity of needs and the city in which they live (Ongole or Hyderabad).

You can sponsor any child who needs additional funding at SCH by using the resources found here. Use these resources to get involved in other ways, such as becoming an advocate or volunteering. You can also become a medical sponsor (ideal for large groups or organizations who wish to support SCH) and donate toward monthly emergency medical expenses; or become an educational sponsor and donate toward a specific on-site school! Also, here is the link to SCH’s general fund. In addition, you can give a one-time donation to any home by visiting each home’s landing page on SCH’s official website, under the heading “Meet Our Kids”! Learn about other ways to give charitably to SCH here, and check back often for additional opportunities.

*A note about names: SCH uses online nicknames for the children in order to protect their identity, per Indian government guidelines which state that children in care may not have identifying photos of them on the internet, as well as no identifying information such as birth name, place of origin, etc.

Connect with SCH: Official Website | Facebook Twitter | Instagram

SCH Logo Black
PD: the SCH logo – black text reads ‘sch’; red text below reads ‘sarah’s covenant homes’; heart-shaped flowers bloom from the name.


  1. Hi Megan. Thank you so much for posting about the girls in Jubilee home. How did you get subscribed to Katie’s update? I knew about the blog, but didn’t know about her sponsorship campaign. I think the older teens and adults really deserve sponsorship too.

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