January Birthday Girls Who Need Families!

PD: A girl stands against a white wall, wearing a traditional Indian sari/saree that is hot pink, blue, and gold with paisley accents and sparkly glitter. Her hands are at her sides, wearing blue bangles on her wrists.

Lots of children have birthdays at SCH this month. Learn more about how to sponsor a child’s upcoming February birthday party at the bottom of this post. You will also find a new page in the top bar under SCH Resources – Monthly Birthdays! There’s a new category in the side bar, too.

I’m hosting a birthday fundraiser, as my birthday is next week on January 20! I share my birthday with *Palmer, who lives at Victory Home at SCH. Find the fundraiser here!

Today, I’m going to highlight 2 January birthdays – specifically, those of two girls who are blind and waiting for forever families! If you’ve been here before, you’ve already met them.

The first girl is *Jeanette!

Jeanette shareable
*Jeanette holding up her own artwork.

PD: *Jeanette wears a pink leopard-print dress. Her 2 hands are front &  center in the photo, holding a paper heart she colored herself. It reads “I am… made in God’s image”.

*Jeanette desperately wants a family to call her very own. Her birthday is just a few days away, when she will turn 13 years old. She currently lives in a foster home called Joy Home, in an apartment with 7 other girls, age range 11-17. This week, *Jeanette has been featured on SCH’s Instagram page. Read their posts all about her here, here, here, and here. Each photo features an image description. *Jeanette was born blind. She uses a guide cane to get around, but also navigates familiar places easily and is often found leading others. She can read Braille at around a 1-2 grade level. She does simple math (subtraction & addition) using an abacus, to the 100s place. She uses a Brailler to write short stories. *Jeanette is fascinated, and motivated, by technology. She can type on a computer and is learning to play the musical keyboard. She attends Anjali School for the Blind part-time in another foster home at SCH.

*Jeanette is more than her disability. Under it all, she’s a girl, looking for a family, who wants love and a life like any other.

Find *Jeanette’s Reece’s Rainbow advocacy profile here. You can learn more about her at the link. Share her! Every share helps bring her one step closer to finding her family.

My dreams for this girl go above and beyond the everyday. I want her to have a family, yes, and I want her hopes and dreams to come true. But I also want her to know what a special person she is. She’s the type who can grab onto you with just a photo. Her joy radiates, despite the sadness of her past losses. She is out of this world. Excitable. Smart. Curious. Always on the move. Helpful. Loves to learn. Outright joyful. Purposeful, in everything she does. She is so many things.

Jeanette shareable2
*Jeanette is full of exuberance. Photo credit: SCH India Facebook

PD: *Jeanette stands under a blue sky w/ white clouds, wearing a pink sleeveless lace dress. Her arms are tossed triumphantly to the sky, w/ a bangle on each wrist. Her face is uplifted in joy.

*Jeanette’s family IS out there. They ARE looking for her, seeking to bring her home. Please share her so they can find her!

The second January birthday girl I’ll write about today is *Chloe! (Update: *Chloe has a family coming for her!)

*Chloe’s ballet outfit! Photo credit: RR/SCH

PD: *Chloe from the neck down, /w hands on hips wearing gold bangles, white tights, &  a pink tutu, ready for dance class w/ her foster sisters! She’s standing on the balcony of her home.

*Chloe is extraordinary. Her birthday is next week, when she will turn 7 years old. *Chloe lives at Courage Home Purple, a foster home with 11 other children, 2 foster moms Lydia and Merissa, and one of their adopted daughters (Divya, adopted by Merissa). *Chloe is a whirlwind! She is constantly on the move and is incredibly talkative. She attends dance class, which she loves, along with ‘Western voice’ (singing) lessons alongside her former foster sister, who was recently adopted by a foreign national volunteering at SCH. She is blind, and uses the following adaptive devices: a guide cane to navigate her surroundings; learning to read Braille; learning to use a Brailler (to write). *Chloe also relies heavily on her sense of hearing. She can ride an adapted tricycle. *Chloe is independent in walking with her guide cane.

Chloe currently attends Anjali School for the Blind in her foster home at SCH, which is run by her foster parents. She has tried a number of mainstream private schools, but none have ultimately served her in a way that she deserves. She’s been excluded, avoided, and isolated by adults at her schools. Her foster moms are trying to find her the school that is the best fit for her, but it is difficult. School is a privilege in India, not a right. It costs money, and including people with disabilities is not common in Indian culture. Things are changing, but it’s slow progress and many people are doing lots of work to change it. But for now, they try to find the best fit possible for her.

Sangeeta shareable
Joyful *Chloe! Photo credit: Nikki C/Merissa H

PD: *Chloe sits on the marble floor in front of a blank wall, a huge smile on her face. Her front 2 adult teeth are starting to come through! She’s wearing a floral dress.

*Chloe’s family is looking for her! Help her find them! She has witnessed multiple foster siblings being adopted and wants that for herself, as well. She often asks when her mummy and daddy are coming for her.

Find a list of each upcoming month’s birthdays here! SCH has a relatively new program called the Birthday Sponsorship program. $50 sponsors a child’s birthday party and provides a new outfit to wear, cake to eat, a gift to open, and other party materials! Sign up to sponsor one.

Upcoming February birthdays:


*Sarita ($0/month) – 8 on Feb. 2
*Blaire ($45/month) – 3 on Feb. 9
*Valor ($25/month) – 12 on Feb. 11
*Zack ($0/month) – 4 on Feb. 12 (adoption info)
*Connor ($40/month) – 5 on Feb. 13 (adoption info)


*Dinah ($0/month) – 10 on Feb. 1 (adoption info)
*Nolan ($0/month) – 11 on Feb. 17 (adoption info)


*Amanda ($275/month) – 18 on Feb. 16


*Gemma ($110/month) – 11 on Feb. 14


*Ruthie ($150/month) – 12 on Feb. 9
*Felicia ($350/month) – 14 on Feb. 27


*Josh ($225/month) – 19 on Feb. 8


*Charlie ($0/month) – 14 on Feb. 12
*Santosh ($0/month) – 17 on Feb. 24

Child Sponsorship

Click on a child’s name to be re-directed to their sponsorship if you’d like to sign up to sponsor them monthly at any amount. Suggested monthly donations: $25/month, $50/month, $100/month, full sponsorship (usually $300/month, more with complex medical needs/in school/etc.), but you can sponsor at any amount you can afford. Learn more about child sponsorship here.

To connect in other ways with SCH, use the resources below.

Use these resources to get involved, by doing such things as becoming an advocate or volunteering. Also, here is the link to SCH’s general fund. In addition, you can give a one-time donation to any home by visiting each home’s landing page in the drop-down menu on SCH’s official website, under the heading “Meet Our Kids”! Learn about other ways to give charitably to SCH here, and check back often for additional opportunities.

*A note about names: SCH uses online nicknames for the children in order to protect their identity, per Indian governmental guidelines which state that children in care may not have identifying photos of them on the internet, as well as no identifying information such as birth name, place of origin, etc.

Connect with SCH: Official Website | Facebook Twitter | Instagram

SCH Logo Black
PD: the SCH logo – black text reads ‘sch’; red text below reads ‘sarah’s covenant homes’; heart-shaped flowers bloom from the name.

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