Help bring Waniya and Cara Home!

Update: The Grandt adoption is complete ^_^ ❤

The Grandts are adopting *Cara and *Waniya, both listed on Reece’s Rainbow! Both girls are 9 years old and live in an Eastern European country, in the same region. Follow their story at Grandt Dream Team! Also, you can find them on Facebook!

The Grandts were originally pursuing just Cara, and while they were in-process learned that Waniya lives in the same region (at an adult institution where she absolutely DOES NOT belong), so they will bring her home, as well! Cara has FASD and a heart condition, and is described as a lovely girl.

Read their most-recent blog post here to learn more.

I have advocated for Waniya on this blog before. She has an eye disorder and cerebral palsy, for which she mainly uses a wheelchair. Waniya is able to walk with some support.

Help the Grandts build their adoption fund and get one step closer to bringing the girls home by donating to their Family Services Plan (FSP) here! They are currently awaiting United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approval to bring the girls home, a crucial point in the adoption process.

The Grandts are a family of 2 parents and 8 children who live on a farm in Oregon. Dad works and also volunteers at their local church, and Mom is a stay-at-home mom who home-schools and also volunteers at the church.

Stay tuned for updates on this adoption, including links to future fundraising!

To learn more about the international adoption process, peruse the resources here.

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