Benjamin Needs a Family FAST.

Update 2019: Unfortunately, Benjamin has passed away. 😦

Benjamin (click to be re-directed to his Reece’s Rainbow profile), boy, born 2010 (7 years old), located in China. Available to single moms.

‘Benjamin’ is a newly-listed child on RR. He’s more than just a little boy who needs a family: Benjamin is believed to have Progeria (Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome – learn more by clicking the link), a life-limiting genetic disease that causes advanced aging in young children. If we’re being realistic about this situation, the Progeria website linked above states that  “Children with Progeria die of atherosclerosis (heart disease) at an average age of fourteen years”. However, adopting Benjamin would be so worth it, because every child deserves a family. This is why he needs to be in a family environment and receiving top-notch medical care ASAP, to ensure he has the best quality of life possible.

He is in Kindergarten in his orphanage, loves to share toys and food, interacts well with peers and adults, and communicates clearly. He is stubborn, and won’t do something he doesn’t want to do! His development appears to be on-target.

His RR profile features a collage with many photos.

From his RR profile page:

Benjamin is the sweetest little boy who recently turned seven years old! Sadly, many people in Benjamin’s life have already given up hope on him…but not us. We know there must be a very special plan for this little boy who came into care at the approximate age of two and got to participate in camp this past November, spending a few days with the team members despite the fact that he didn’t have an adoption file. The agency asked that his file be made ready and it was completed and arrived just this week! Benjamin is attending kindergarten in the classroom inside his orphanage. He can do addition and subtraction within 10 and knows his shapes, colors, and classmates’ names. Benjamin communicates well and is good about sharing his toys and food with other children. He loves to draw, color, and sing songs. Benjamin cares a lot about his teachers and the other children. He likes to play with toys and play outside. Benjamin is able to put on and take off simple clothes, use chopsticks to eat, and take care of himself. He has good comprehension skills and is always willing to help his teachers in the classroom. He is very obedient and focused. It is time to find a family for this special little boy who is full of hope!

Volunteers have spoken on his behalf. Here’s what they each had to say:

[Camp volunteer]: This little guy is the sweetest. He plays great with other kids, is a very meticulous artist, and is very smart! He is right on target intellectually. He gets around just fine. Benjamin starts off shy, but warms up as soon as he sees he can trust you (which didn’t take long). He played very well with the other kids. but didn’t really like to be touched though, especially at first. He would take my hand. I do believe that he would be more open to touch given more time. Benjamin is very smart, is an avid artist with crayons (leaves no white!) and enjoys cartoons. When he didn’t want to do something, he didn’t do it. Period. He sure is a sweet boy!

[Volunteer #2]: Benjamin has a sense of humor. I was cleaning up the balls and he was tossing them out as fast as I tossed them in. We were both laughing. He’s a good eater, too- loved noodles.

[Volunteer #3]: On the last day, I crawled in the ball pit with him. He was actually welcoming my hugs and my kissing all over him!

If you are not called to adopt, please consider contributing to his grant on RR, so that his forever family may have an easier time affording his adoption. 10% of all donations are given to the ‘Voice of Hope Fund’ (learn more here) on RR, which benefits all children with grants that they list.

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