Advocating for Kids at SCH, Part VII: Faith Home!

This post will consist of all the children who live at Faith Home in Ongole, where there are 4 foster homes: Faith Yellow, Faith  Orange, Faith  Green, and Faith Purple. Sponsorship helps SCH to be able to secure the proper medical care, as well as all the other essentials for living the happiest, healthiest life possible.

To sponsor a child or check the status of their sponsorship in order to sponsor them, use the references here. You can also connect with SCH on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find SCH’s WEBSITE by clicking the link. You can make a general donation to SCH via PayPal here. To give a one-time, general donation to SCH, follow this link. Information on selling and buying in support of SCH (donating part or all of the proceeds from your items) through eBay and Amazon can be found here.

Faith Home Green

“Alina” has CP and a seizure disorder. She is currently building her trunk strength by doing crunches, as well as learning to sit, stand, and control her body in physical therapy! She loves hugs and being tossed in the air. Needs $225/month. Sponsor here.

“Cassia” has CP for which she uses a wheelchair, epilepsy, and an intellectual disability. She receives physical therapy at home. Cassia loves to cuddle and make music! Needs $195/month. Sponsor here.

“Elodie” has CP, microcephaly, and a seizure disorder. She is a wheelchair user! She loves when you make loud, kissy noises at her, and is beginning to become more active with the  help of staff. Needs $100/month. Sponsor here.

“Faye” is a little sweetheart who was born with an autoimmune disease. Faye is doing so well since coming to SCH and has the biggest brown eyes you will ever see. Needs $250/month. Sponsor here.

“Lynn” is a very unique baby! Lynn was born with Albinism and has the most beautiful red hair and blue-violet eyes. She is a precious little girl who loves to sit and observe the world around her. She is described as a very special girl who is making great strides in her development every day. Needs $175/month. Sponsor here.


Faith Home Purple

“Jodi” is a darling little girl who has CP and a manageable chronic illness. She is energetic, playful and very curious. In 2013, with the help of a devoted volunteer, Jodi learned to walk independently. Today. you can often find her walking up and down the stairs of her home. Needs just $70/month. Sponsor here.

“Melanie” has CP, but can walk with some assistance. She loves to explore her home. She charms everyone in her home and has a prominent sense of humor – she laughs at everything! Needs $145/month. Sponsor here.

“Monica” is a sweet girl who has microcephaly and a heart condition. She is a pint-sized bundle of energy and enthusiasm. Monica learned to walk independently all by herself, and can usually be found running around the house, exploring! Needs $200/month. Sponsor here.

“Sophia” was misdiagnosed with CP. She is a sweet, young girl who actually has a developmental delay. When she first came to SCH, she cried a lot – today, she is a happy girl. She loves listening to music, dancing, and playing with her foster siblings. Needs $275/month. Sponsor here.

“Tessa” has CP, for which she uses a wheelchair, in addition to  a seizure disorder and an intellectual disability. She is sweet and expressive! She’s been working to gain weight, adjust to a new home, and learning to sit unassisted. Needs $190/month. Sponsor here.

“Winnie” has CP, a seizure disorder, and an intellectual disability and is generally quiet and reserved, but has the most adorable laugh when tickled. She is described as a  little sweetie with a charming smile. Needs $220/month. Sponsor here.

Faith Home Orange

“Barnabas” has CP and epilepsy. He is mobile and gets around by scooting! He has a great smile and loves to interact with others. Needs $300/month (he is currently unsponsored). Sponsor here.

“Bennett” has CP, along with a developmental delay. He loves to hang out with his foster brothers and is always giggling. Read more about Bennett here! Needs $175/month. Sponsor here.

“Ezra” has CP and epilepsy, and is a wheelchair user. He is always joyful at home! However, Ezra also loves to go on trips, play in water, and be held. Needs $275/month. Sponsor here.

“Sam” has spastic CP, for which he uses a wheelchair for proper positioning; epilepsy; and an intellectual disability. He is best friends with Jeff, a foster brother who is fully sponsored. He loves to be spoken to and held! Needs $210/month. Sponsor here.

Faith Home Yellow

“Brent” is an active, affectionate boy who had a sensitive medical need which was corrected surgically. He is  fun-loving and has an infectious laugh and sense of humor.  Needs $215/month. Sponsor here.

“Isaac” has nystagmus, a rapid involuntary movement of the eyes that causes reduced and blurred vision. He is described as a kind and gentle young man. Isaac attends a local mainstream private school and loves to sing.  Needs $185/month. Sponsor here.

“Jasper” has spastic quadriplegic CP and kyphosis. He is a quiet sweetheart who loves being tickled! He loves the sound of autos (taxis), being outside, and being held. Needs $300/month. Sponsor here.

“Josh” has CP and uses a custom wheelchair! Josh has Alopecia, or hair loss, and has been lovingly described as his home’s ‘Charlie Brown’. He’s not grouchy though, no way! Josh has a beautiful smile. He loves to be sung to and spoken to, and makes his needs known, though he is non-verbal. Needs $300/month (currently unsponsored). Sponsor here.

“Nathan” has CP, for which he uses a wheelchair; he also has epilepsy and an intellectual disability. He is described as always gentle, peaceful, and calm. He has come a long way, and loves to sit outside in the evenings to watch nature. He attends special education classes on-site at his home and also receives regular physical therapy. Needs $260/month. Sponsor here.


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