Advocating for Kids at SCH, Part VII: Faith Home!

PD: A girl stands against a white wall, wearing a traditional Indian sari that is hot pink, blue, & gold w/ paisley accents & sparkly glitter. Her hands are at her sides, wearing blue bangles.

Update August 2018: *Faye and *Lynn have been adopted and are home with their forever families! Meet *Jessica and *Bhanu below, the two newest additions in the home!

Original post:

This post will consist of all the children who live at Faith Home in Ongole. Sponsorship helps SCH to be able to secure the proper medical care, as well as all the other essentials for living the happiest, healthiest life possible.

Support Faith Home’s vocational school program by purchasing needed items here!

From the Faith Home sponsorship page:

One of our three Ongole homes, Faith is home to our girls and young women with a wide range of medical and cognitive disabilities. Faith Home is equipped with an excellent nursing staff and on-site special educators and tutors. Four foster families make up Faith Home: Faith Green, Faith Purple, Faith Yellow, and Faith Orange.

Completely Unsponsored

*Bhanu has an intellectual disability. She is described as a strong, affectionate, fierce girl who, in the short time she’s been at SCH, has gone from scooting around to pulling herself up in a matter of days. Now, she climbs up into bed by herself. She likes to get where she’s going by herself, and doesn’t want any help. She loves to eat, and has the most beautiful, bright smile with such endearing eyes. She likes to sit and observe the girls in her room during class time. Needs $300/month. Sponsor here.

Partially Sponsored

*Cam is the youngest little guy in the home. It is exciting for staff to have a little one around again! Cam’s father is hospitalized receiving end-of-life care; his mom and sister live with an aunt. His mom felt unable to financially care for him, because he needs treatment for a brain injury, and upon meeting with SCH social workers was very emotional, sharing she needs support. Social workers recorded information to get a better idea of the level of of family support; continuing visits are planned, and SCH requests prayers that *Cam can return to his mom’s care! Needs $275/month. Sponsor here.

*Jessica has an intellectual disability. She is described as a sweet and playful girl who has opened up since arriving at SCH. Initially, she was disengaged and very somber, but now interacts and plays all the time with the girls in her room. She can often be found with a smile on her face. She is also very adventurous – at the beach, she charged straight for the waves and had to be called back! She is said to have finished 5th class. In her on-site class, she is currently being assessed by her teacher. She likes to work on multiplication independently! Needs $255/month. Sponsor here.

*Jodi is a darling little girl who has cerebral palsy and a manageable chronic illness. She is energetic, playful, and very curious. *Jodi is described as the mover of her group. She loves to explore and discover new things. In 2013, with the help of a devoted volunteer, *Jodi learned to walk independently. Today, you can often find her walking up and down the stairs of her home. in 2018, she made progress with holding objects and putting things away! She attends on-site classes and is most-content when she’s moving or discovering a new texture. She has made great strides in class. *Jodi is very friendly! She has become a great greeter by smiling and engaging with all who visit her room. Needs just $85/month more! Sponsor here.

*Leah is described as a happy, energetic, spunky girl with mild developmental delay. She is a bright child who easily picked up English and Telegu, after only speaking Hindi. *Leah is a curious, energetic young lady who likes going for walks, tickling people, dancing, and visiting the park. *Leah is playful and loves hide and seek. She loves to learn and is always asking questions. She is working on multiplying in class and writing English words. In 2018, she made great strides in development with writing, math, reading, and English! *Leah enjoys beading, and is looking forward to starting vocational class soon. Needs $275/month. Sponsor here.

*Melanie has cerebral palsy. She loves to explore her home and charms everyone with her prominent sense of humor – she laughs at everything! *Melanie is able to walk with little assistance, and is always exploring. In 2018, she learned to identify animals and worked on developing her fine motor skills! During on-site class, she engages with teacher and peers well. She is learning how to greet friends with “Namaste” or “Praise the Lord”. When class is over, she is very active, running and laughing. She loves the beach and would stay for hours enjoying the waves if she could. Needs $205/month. Sponsor here.

In addition, *Melanie is listed for international adoption! Learn more by visiting the ‘Waiting Children’ tab on the front page of my blog (under the drop-down menu ‘Adoption Advocacy’). She is eligible for a grant through Reece’s Rainbow.

*Monica is a sweet girl who has microcephaly and a heart condition. She is a pint-sized bundle of energy and enthusiasm. Monica learned to walk independently all by herself, and can usually be found running around, exploring! Her size allows her to sneakily explore the house, blending into the different rooms she explores. She loves to hop around and dance, with or without music. In 2018, she made progress in her fine motor skills using a peg board! In on-site class, she loves maracas and anything that gives her an excuse to move around. Needs $150/month. Sponsor here.

*Naomi has Down Syndrome like *John, *Zane, *Paisley, and *Heidi. She is described as a shy and silly girl who loves to cuddle, make crafts, and create art. *Naomi is crazy for swimming, and wishes she could spend every waking hour in the ocean. She is quick to get to know newcomers and loves the movie Despicable Me! She is excelling in her on-site class – writing English words and multiplication tables. In 2018, she made great progress in vocational class, making jewelry! Needs just $35/month more! Sponsor here.

In addition, *Naomi is listed for international adoption! Learn more by visiting the ‘Waiting Children’ tab on the front page of my blog (under the drop-down menu ‘Adoption Advocacy’). She is eligible for a grant through Reece’s Rainbow.

*Shane is autistic and has been diagnosed with a speech delay. He is adjusting to his new home well, makes friends easily, and has enjoyed going to the beach and the park. His receptive language in Telugu is good, and he is speaking using single words when trying to communicate his thoughts. He is learning the Telugu and English alphabets! Needs full $250/month. Sponsor here.

*Sophia was misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy. She is described as a sweet, young girl who actually has a developmental delay. She is known for her chubby cheeks, dimples, and adorable composure. She is easy-going and loves to observe life around her. In 2018, she worked on improving her fine motor development using a ring and peg toy! In her on-site class, she is learning to greet people every day and is very engaged during instruction. When she first arrived, she cried a lot, but today is a happy girl. She loves listening to music, dancing, and playing with her siblings. Needs $255/month. Sponsor here.

*Tatum has semi-paralysis of her arms and a congenital disability, but is able to use her feet to do almost anything hands can do, including feeding herself, writing, painting, and coloring! She is very driven and often refuses help so she may do things independently. She is described as a very special, unique child who amazes everyone everyday. She can read and write, and communicates very well in Telegu. *Tatum is working on using her hands more! It’s hard work, but gained some functionality in 2018. She is a very smart, vibrant, and fun girl. She attends a local public school and enjoys every ounce of learning. Needs $270/month. Sponsor here.

Young Adults

Completely Unsponsored

*Amulya has cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability. She has a twin, *Dhivena! *Amulya had surgery to release tendons behind her knees as a younger teen, and can now walk more comfortably. She works with a therapist to continue improving. She attends on-site school, where she is learning colors and how to count in sign language. In 2018, she made progress in working on puzzles in class and signing colors.*Amulya enjoys attending classes each day, and is always happy and friendly, with just a touch of mischief just like her twin sister, *Dhivena. She loves building with blocks and playing pegboard puzzles, and loves to visit the beach to play in the sand and waves. Needs $300/month. Sponsor here.

*Kathleen is blind, and she is also autistic due to institutional autism. She is described as a sweet girl who loves to make silly noises and feel difference surfaces with her hands. Her favorite part of on-site class is when she is able to explore many different textures, and music time. She also loves to clap and make silly noises. *Kathleen loves to be tickled and loved on by her foster family. In 2018, she began working on walking independently! Needs full $300/month. Sponsor here.

Partially Sponsored

*Alesa has hydrocephalus, for which she has had a VP shunt placed. She is a lovely, mature young lady who is described as spunky and enjoys being silly with her sisters. She loves being girly, painting her nails, and having her hair braided, like most girls in India. She also enjoys playing cards and board games. *Alesa is hard-working and studies diligently. She pays special attention to detail, and it shows in her handwriting, which is very neat and beautiful. in 2018, she learned how to do chores like sweeping, mopping, washing clothes, and helping in the kitchen. *Alesa’s warm smile is always inviting, and everyone enjoys spending time with her. She recently moved to Faith Home, where she is bonded with a special caregiver. Needs $260/month. Sponsor here.

*Amanda has an intellectual disability. She is described as  a wonderful, sweet young lady who loves to help staff around the house with everything, ranging from getting meals and running errands to assisting in her sisters’ care. *Amanda cares deeply for her sisters and staff in the house, and thrives on feeling needed. She really has a servant’s heart and often helps without being asked. She also loves dancing, running, watching movies, and playing games. In 2018, she saw much development in her leadership skills. She consistently has a positive attitude in jewelry vocational class, regardless of tasks difficulty. Needs $275/month. Sponsor here.

*Bella has cerebral palsy. *Bella is described as an unassuming and reserved young lady. She makes staff laugh in the most unexpected ways, from a very unique enunciation of a word to a random giggle. Though she is not very vocal, the little she says and her body language speaks volumes. She is very active in on-site class and loves to learn. In 2018, she worked with building blocks and made progress in drawing in class. She enjoys stringing beads, doing puzzles, making things with duplo blocks, coloring, and other hands-on activities. *Bella loves music class, and the clacker is always her choice instrument. She loves to give and receive hugs. *Bella has been working hard in therapy, and is building a great bond with her therapist. Needs $150/month. Sponsor here.

*Christina has an intellectual disability, a joyful spirit, and loves to sing and dance! She’s always helpful when asked to do something. *Christina is a spunky and hospitable young lady. Everyone who visits Faith Home remembers her smile, energy, and love. She thinks independently and works diligently to make sure her living area is clean, which includes washing dishes, sweeping, mopping, and washing and folding clothes. She is active and can often be found jumping, dancing, and singing around the house. She has medaled in the Special Olympics in the district, in two sporting events. She’s enthusiastic about learning and especially enjoys music class. *Christina attends jewelry class and likes to help some peers when she can. In 2018, she traveled to Hyderabad to show off her skills to vocational program sponsors! She loves to color and paint, and shows off her skills all the time. Needs $210/month. Sponsor here.

*Dawn is a sweet young woman with a mental illness who was brought to SCH having suffered from physical and emotional abuse. Since transitioning, *Dawn has gone through tremendous amounts of healing, and today you can typically catch her smiling brightly or participating in class. She takes a jewelry class where she uses her incredible fine-motor skills to create beaded bracelets. In 2018, she continued to make progress in her vocation Program. Her attention to detail comes in handy when beads fly everywhere, and she helps find them in the cracks and crevices of the room. She is reserved, yet unassuming, and very detail-oriented. She brings joy to her sisters by sporadically giving commentary on events in her room. She also lights up her room with her dance moves whenever she’s prompted to join. Despite her traumatic past, she has opened up and blossomed at Faith Home. Needs $275/month. Sponsor here.

*Dhivena has CP, epilepsy, and an intellectual disability, as well as strabismus. She had a surgery to correct clubfoot when she was younger, and is now a mobile, happy, friendly young lady with a bright smile. She can walk independently for short distances and loves to chase her sisters around. She’s definitely the life of the party! She’s very outgoing, greeting new visitors and showing them what she and her foster sisters have been working on in class. She has on-site class daily, and is almost ready to begin participating in vocational class. In 2018, she learned the alphabet and shapes, and made progress in fine motor skills! Dhivena loves to listen to music and playfully pester her twin sister, *Amulya. Needs $275/month. Sponsor here.

*Glory has CP complicated by osteoporosis as well as epilepsy. When you see *Glory, you will most likely see a wide smile across her face. *Glory is described as a quiet, sweet, shy girl who is quick to lend a helping hand. Most of the time, she is reserved and mild-tempered, but it doesn’t keep her from expressing herself when she has her mind made up. She attends on-site class with a local teacher where she loves to play with puzzles and building blocks! Music class is her favorite, especially when she can play the maraca during circle time. In 2018, she began to make progress in vocational class. She has physical therapy weekly, and has begun to enjoy walking around and being more mobile so she can be in on the action wherever she goes. Needs $260/month. Sponsor here.

*Hannah used to have an esophageal issue, causing her to have an endearing, husky voice, which has since been medically intervened. She has also had a strabismus surgical repair and is doing well with her new glasses. She has a unique, lovable voice to match her big personality. She loves to crack jokes and make people laugh, even if unintentional. *Hannah is beloved by all who meet her. She is described as a sweet, lovable young lady with a motherly personality who enjoys keeping her sisters in line. You can often find her helping around the house without being prompted – she always goes the extra mile. If she’s not helping, making others laugh, or engaging in conversation with staff, you can find her taking, or posing, for pictures. In 2018, she saw increased development in her photography and leadership skills. Her love of reminiscing drives her to always capture moments around her. Though timid at times, she is outspoken when it comes to her sisters doing what is right and is very much a leader. *Hannah is mature, responsible, and growing into such a beautiful young lady, both inside and out. She attends on-site vocational jewelry classes and enjoys creating her own designs. Needs $150/month. Sponsor here.

*Meghan has an intellectual disability. She is described as a sweet, reserved young lady who is kind, friendly, and happy and has a constant, gigantic smile on her face! She loves creating art, going on outings, and making new friends, and began working on independent skills more in 2018. When she transitioned to SCH, she was excited to leave the government orphanage where she lived for many years, and hadn’t had proper nutrition or the opportunity to receive education. Now, *Meghan is healthy and active; she jumps on the trampoline, loves baking and dancing, enjoys prayer time, and attends special education classes. She loves physical affection and being silly at the most unexpected moments. *Meghan enjoys being around others and taking in all her foster sisters’ activities while remaining an observer. *Meghan has been working on doing things independently, able to create jewelry with little prompting in vocational class. A speech therapist was recently hired who will be working with *Meghan and others in her home! Needs $260/month. Sponsor here.

*Sadie is described as a beautiful young lady with a quiet and gentle spirit, who has a developmental delay. She loves to be in on the action everywhere in the house, and is the first to see who’s going and coming. *Sadie has an infectious laugh that spreads. Though she seems to have a tough exterior, she quickly opens up and shows her soft, sweet heart. She loves to be out and about and can often be found waving and smiling at everyone she meets as if she knew them for a lifetime. She is happy, smiles often, and loves attending on-site music classes where she can play instruments. In 2018, she made progress with consistency in attending to and participating in class. She has grown a lot in her jewelry-making vocational class and takes instructions well. Needs $225/month. Sponsor here.

*Serene has spastic CP, for which she uses a wheelchair, and an intellectual disability. *Serene is anything but serene, especially when she is excited about something! She can be either loud and vocal, or soft and quiet! She was given her online nickname by Sarah, who hoped the very high-strung *Serene would find peace throughout her life. She loves attending music class where she plays the maraca, doing puzzles, playing with blocks, and coloring. In 2018, she made strides socially in class by pointing more to express her needs, rather than yelling. Needs $225/month. Sponsor here.

*Wendy has hemiplegia, epilepsy, and an intellectual disability. *Wendy uses a combination of both speech and ASL to communicate! *Wendy is very outgoing and has a party wherever she goes, regardless of who’s she with. She is a great big sister! She has a contagious laughter and often makes herself laugh. She makes sure to greet everyone who enters and exits her room in a signature way. She loves everything glamorous – clips, clothes, jewelry, flowers (for the hair), chunnis (scarves), and shoes.  In 2018, she made great progress in on-site vocational class, making jewelry. She gets so much fulfillment whenever she shows others what she’s made! She was the first child to come to SCH in 2008! *Wendy is very independent, almost always smiling her gorgeous smile. Needs $220/month. Sponsor here.

Fully Sponsored

*Annie has cerebral palsy for which she uses a wheelchair, a developmental delay, and is non-verbal. *Annie loves music and claps her hands whenever she hears it! She always enjoys hanging out with her friends in her vocational class. She wants to be treated just like the other girls! In 2018, she made strides in her participation in music time during on-site school, engaging in sensory play, attending to reading time, and visiting the vision room!

*Caroline came to SCH with a cleft lip and some dental issues, for which she had surgical repair soon after. She has also been diagnosed with CP and a seizure disorder. She previously had physical therapy that allows her to walk independently. Prior to her abandonment, *Caroline was neglected by her family, causing malnourishment and developmental delay. In 2018, she saw strides in her development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! She is described as a very spunky, active, fun-loving young girl, always up and about exploring objects, new people, and and new activities. She attends class daily, and enjoys playing musical instruments or making music with her hands and mouth. She loves taking trips to the beach and is slowly becoming fearless in the water!

*Eleanor has cerebral palsy and osteomalacia. She is described as a sweet, quiet little girl who loves to sit and play with colorful, noisy toys. She is a quirky, fun girl who loves all things noisy, including tambourines and shakers, and even noises made with her own mouth. She loves exploring textures, and the beach because she gets to play in the sand. in 2018, she made progress in sensory and fine motor skills! She has on-site classes and has a special bond with her teacher. She is a little bookworm; she’s acutely tuned in when read to. *Eleanor has been working hard with a physical therapist to help her bear weight and stand independently.

*Rebekah has Apert Syndrome, a disorder that causes facial bones to fuse early as well as fused fingers and toes, for which she has had intervention surgeries. *Rebekah is a quirky, fun-loving, sweet girl. She is described as a sweet little darling who loves being silly and playing with her sisters.  She is very curious and always asking questions. She loves to go walking and on outings, and finds great joy in helping others. In her on-site class in 2018, she learned animal names in English, and practiced counting and writing simple words. She is determined making beaded bracelets, and is excited about joining the vocational class long-term.

In addition, *Rebekah is listed for international adoption! Learn more by visiting the ‘Waiting Children’ tab on the front page of my blog (under the drop-down menu ‘Adoption Advocacy’). She is eligible for a grant through Reece’s Rainbow.

An important part of SCH’s work is YOU! SCH relies on donations to keep running. Donation opportunities include child sponsors at any cost per month, from as low as $25/month. Sponsorship usually costs between $300 and $500 per child, depending on complexity of needs and which city they live in (Ongole or Hyderabad).

You can sponsor any child who needs additional funding at SCH by using the resources found here. Use these resources to get involved in other ways, such as becoming an advocate or volunteering. You can also become a medical sponsor (ideal for large groups or organizations who wish to support SCH) and donate toward monthly emergency medical expenses; or become an educational sponsor and donate toward a specific on-site school. Learn about other ways to give charitably to SCH here, and check back often for additional opportunities.

*A note about names: SCH uses online nicknames for the children in order to protect their identity, per Indian government guidelines which state that children in care may not have identifying photos of them on the internet, as well as no identifying information such as birth name, place of origin, etc.

You can also send gifts via Amazon India, make a one-time, general donation, pray if that is your calling, or volunteer at home or in India yourself by using these resources!

Connect with SCH: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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PD: SCH logo – black text reads ‘sch’; red text below reads ‘sarah’s covenant homes’; heart-shaped flowers bloom from the name.

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