Advocating for Kids at SCH, Part V: Courage Home!

This post will consist of all the children who live at Courage Home in Hyderabad, where there are 3 foster homes: Courage Green, Courage Teal, and Courage Purple. All the children who live in Courage Purple (Nikki & Merissa, along with their 12 foster children and Nikki’s adopted daughter) are currently fully sponsored. This post will feature kids from Courage Green and Teal, respectively. Sponsorship helps SCH to be able to secure the proper medical care, as well as all the other essentials for living the happiest, healthiest life possible.

To sponsor a child or check the status of their sponsorship in order to sponsor them, use the references here. You can also connect with SCH on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find SCH’s wEBSITE by clicking the link. You can make a general donation to SCH via PayPal here. To give a one-time, general donation to SCH, follow this link. Information on selling and buying in support of SCH (donating part or all of the proceeds from your items) through eBay and Amazon can be found here.

Courage Home Green

“Anna”  is described as cuddly, happy, sweet, and playful. She recently learned to walk independently and attends an on-site preschool. She can take a while to warm up to new people, but is friendly toward familiar faces. She has begun speaking a few words in Telugu. Needs just $30/month! Sponsor here.

“Bethany” has hand and foot differences. She is spunky, determined, and independent, and has developed many amazing adaptations to get around her limb differences! She LOVES to dance. Needs $115/month. Sponsor here.

“Ethan” is an extremely cute toddler who is around 2, making him one of the youngest foster siblings in the home. Ethan is described as very quiet. He has an older biological brother named Milo, who also lives at Courage Green! He has no sponsors and needs $300/month! Sponsor here.

“Mia” is described as an adorable, smiley little girl who loves hanging out with her foster family. Her sweet and bubbly personality shines to everyone she meets. Needs $135/month. Sponsor here.

“Milo” lives in the same home with his adorable younger biological brother Ethan! He is described as an adventurous, silly little boy who was born with an autoimmune disease. He loves to play with his foster siblings and cars, and has the cutest little laugh and smile. Needs $160/month. Sponsor here.


Courage Home Teal

“Aaron” has CP and is nonverbal, but very capable and communicative. He attends a local special needs school in the community. He is learning to walk! He uses AFOs (ankle-foot orthotics) to help him walk. Aaron loves to help. Needs $115/month. Sponsor here.

“Daylan” has ataxic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and a manageable chronic illness. Daylan is gaining strength and function over his body every day! He can sit independently and loves to make sounds! That must be why he loves squeaky toys so much. Needs $170/month. Sponsor here.

“Elijah” has Autism and epilepsy. He is described as a quiet, reserved, silly boy who loves to explore. He can frequently be found leading visitors around by the hand to make sure they get the best tour of the house. Needs $75/month. Sponsor here.

“Ian” was abandoned in a hospital, with a critical condition requiring an emergency surgery to remove a kidney. Upon his arrival, Ian could not talk or walk and was in very low spirits. He has beat the statistics and is now often found chatting up a storm. He enjoys running around with his foster brothers. Needs $400/month. Sponsor here.

“Isaiah” had very little stimulation at the government orphanage where he lived prior to coming to SCH, and so really only knew how to lay on his back on the floor. Despite this prior neglect, he has a beautiful little grin which he loves to share with everyone at home. He can now roll over and have ‘tummy time’, and is also sitting while supported! Needs $175/month. Sponsor here.

“Jeriah” has spastic quadriplegic CP. He is thriving in his foster family, where he is adored and cherished by his siblings and caregivers. He has come such a long way! Needs $110/month. Sponsor here.

“Justin” has CP and has overcome severe epilepsy, for which he receives medication, and has had a stroke, but recovered relatively well. He is often regarded as the ‘big brother’ of Courage Teal, as he is currently the eldest in the home. He attends on-site school with a tutor! Needs $130/month. Sponsor here.

“Nicky” has CP, for which he uses a wheelchair; scoliosis, for which he recently received corrective surgery to place rods and avoid damaging his internal organs; and epilepsy. He is another one of the big brothers at Courage Teal. He loves car magazines and being an older brother! He has a home tutor to help him learn and is very smart. Needs $120/month. Sponsor here.

SCH Logo Black



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