Advocating for Kids at SCH, Part IV: Jubilee Home!

PD: A girl stands against a white wall, wearing a traditional Indian sari that is hot pink, blue, & gold w/ paisley accents & sparkly glitter. Her hands are at her sides, wearing blue bangles.

This post will consist of young ladies who live at Jubilee Home. There are two foster homes at Jubilee: Jubilee Blue and Jubilee Lavender. If the girls do not attend mainstream private schools in the community, then they attend an on-site vocational school, where they learn handicrafts, have music class, learn academics at their own level, and so much more. Learn more about the school, New Horizons School, as well as donate toward operational costs, here. You can also help support the school by purchasing items they will use for their vocational projects here!

From the Jubilee Home sponsorship page:

Jubilee is where our older girls with cognitive delays and learning and behavioral disorders live. We have a team of special educators on-site that work with our girls to develop social skills and establish learning habits. Our girls and young women take part in a vocational program to not only give them some responsibility but to aid in making SCH more self-sustaining. Jubilee consists of two individual foster families; Jubilee Blue and Jubilee Lavender.

*Alana has CP and is non-verbal, but has no cognitive delay and can respond by nodding or using hand movements. *Alana is a bright young lady with beautiful brown eyes. *Alana is a fashionista and uses a wheelchair to get around. Read more about *Alana here! Needs just $30/month more! Sponsor here.

*Dorothy has CP that mostly affects her hands and legs, and an intellectual disability. She especially loves to make music in music class! She is a kind and gentle soul who is always laughing and smiling. She is always involving her siblings who have more significant medical needs than she, making sure they are part of the action! Needs $150/month. Sponsor here.

*Faith is a lovely, joyful young girl who has autism and is on medication to control seizures. She has a 1000-watt smile! Since being at SCH, she has also had eardrum reconstruction and adenoid removal surgery. She enjoys joining in group activities at school, where she loves music and making necklaces. Needs $325/month. Sponsor here.

*Felicia is a happy, content girl with the most endearing giggle. Though non-verbal, she enjoys watching the world around her and is learning to stand on her own. She has made astounding progress from the time she first arrived at SCH! *Felicia enjoys music class and watching colorful educational videos. She is very ticklish and laughs whenever you talk to or tease her. She has a very sweet smile. *Felicia is completely unsponsored at this time, and needs $350/month in total funds! Sponsor here.

*Ginger has some developmental delays and spastic CP. She is a very sweet, friendly girl who is happy and active. She loves music, running, and playing with her foster siblings. *Ginger is non-verbal, but knows several signs in ASL as well as gestures to make her wishes known. She has made leaps and bounds in her classes. Needs $285/month. Sponsor here.

In addition, *Ginger is listed for international adoption! Learn more by visiting the ‘Waiting Children’ tab on the front page of my blog (under the drop-down menu ‘Adoption Advocacy’).

*Jessie has CP and is a wheelchair user. She is described as affectionate, giggly, and bright. She loves one-on-one time with people, but is content to relax with friends. Needs $200/month. Sponsor here.

*Lauren is a petite, little sweetheart who enjoys being cuddled and spoken to, going on outings, and to visiting the park. For the majority of *Lauren’s life, she wasn’t given loving care. Today, she responds well to her nurturing caregivers and feeds off their love. She enjoys playing games with her sisters. Needs $250/month. Sponsor here.

*Leah is described as a happy, energetic, spunky girl who has a mild developmental delay. She is always eager to learn and advances quickly! She is a bright young child who easily picked up English and Telegu, after only speaking Hindi. is completely unsponsored at this time, and needs $300/month in total funds! Sponsor here.

*Paula has CP, uses a custom wheelchair to get around, which has helped her become much more independent! She attends mainstream private school. She is a joyful, giggly teen who is always giving hugs, loves to sing and get henna on her hands. She needs just $135/month! Sponsor here.

*Promise is blind and has repaired spina bifida. When she first came to SCH, she needed lots of therapy and medical intervention to correct serious, neglected medical complications regarding her kidneys and the state of her spina bifida. Today, she is described as a quiet, strong, and brave girl who is doing well medically! She loves to dance to worship music, spin in circles, and ‘sing’ in her quiet, tiny voice. *Promise lived with foster moms Nikki and Tori in the past, where she learned to walk independently, followed by living with a foster family at Jubilee Home, and now has just moved to Faith with some other older girls! Needs $250/month. Sponsor here.

*Rhoda has autism and epilepsy. She is described as a very sweet, funny girl with a hilarious, heartwarming giggle. She loves playing with dolls, small blocks, and other stacking toys, as well as music – she always chooses miniature symbols during her music class at school. Needs $300/month. Sponsor here.

*Ruthie has an intellectual disability, a seizure disorder, and a developmental delay. When she first came to SCH, she needed treatment for tuberculosis. Since receiving that treatment, she has truly blossomed into an affectionate and happy girl. She is described as a very sociable and lovable young girl who loves to dance and listen to music. Needs $150/month more. Sponsor here.

*Susan has CP, an intellectual disability, and epilepsy. She especially loves having music class at school. She enjoys rides in her wheelchair, affection, and being conversed with – she wants to be treated just the same as her verbal foster sisters and loves to be right in the center of the action. She has a stunning smile and loves to giggle! Needs $300/month. Sponsor here.

*Zoe has CP, Hirschprung’s Disease, and an intellectual disability. *Zoe loves to give hugs, sit in your lap, and gives bright heartwarming smiles. Her favorite toys are dolls, pull string toys, and musical instruments. Needs $285/month. Sponsor here.

Fully Sponsored Young Adults

*Amy is totally blind and has autism. *Amy spends time exploring the world around her with her guide cane. She is a real sweetie who loves affection. She would climb up into your lap if she could, but will settle for hugs and holding your hand. Amy is generally quiet, but tends to perk right up when she hears music. She loves it, and a smile will come across her face when one of her favorite songs is played. If you listen closely, you may even hear her giggle!


Can  you help sponsor a young lady from Jubilee?

Older children and young adults are often overlooked for sponsorship because they may not be as ‘cute’ or ‘squishy’ as the babies, toddlers, or smaller children. However, they are so, so important! They learn life skills and are able to learn a vocation, so that, if possible, they may some day become independent.

An important part of SCH’s work is YOU! SCH relies on donations to keep running. Donation opportunities include child sponsors at any cost per month, from as low as $10/month. Sponsorship usually costs between $300 and $500 per child, depending on complexity of needs and which city they live in (Ongole or Hyderabad).

You can sponsor any child who needs additional funding at SCH by using the resources found here. Use these resources to get involved in other ways, such as becoming an advocate or volunteering. You can also become a medical sponsor (ideal for large groups or organizations who wish to support SCH) and donate toward monthly emergency medical expenses; or an educational sponsor and donate toward a specific on-site school. Learn about other ways to give charitably to SCH here, and check back often for additional opportunities.

*A note about names: SCH uses online nicknames for the children in order to protect their identity, per Indian governmental guidelines which state that children in care may not have identifying photos of them on the internet, as well as no identifying information such as birth name, place of origin, etc.

You can also send gifts via Amazon India, make a one-time, general donation, pray if that is your calling, or volunteer at home or in India yourself by using these resources!

Connect with SCH: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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PD: the SCH logo – black text reads ‘sch’; red text below reads ‘sarah’s covenant homes’; heart-shaped flowers bloom from the name.

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