Advocating for Kids at SCH, Part III: The Schoolgirls of Joy Home!

This post will consist of all the girls who attend local mainstream schools in the community where Joy Home Pink and Yellow are located, in Hyderabad.

These girls may or may not need higher amounts of sponsorship, because in India, schools are not free – they all require tuition and are mainly private. SCH enrolls as many children as possible into local mainstream or special private schools, because they believe children with disabilities deserve visibility and equal access to a quality education.

To sponsor a child or check the status of their sponsorship in order to sponsor them, use the references here. You can also connect with SCH on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find SCH’s wEBSITE by clicking the link. You can make a general donation to SCH via PayPal here. To give a one-time, general donation to SCH, follow this link. Information on selling and buying in support of SCH (donating part or all of the proceeds from your items) through eBay and Amazon can be found here.

Joy Home Yellow

“Gemma” is described as a silly, curious, and sweet girl who loves drawing, coloring, and doing crafts. She is smart and loves to practice what she’s learned in her mainstream private school while she’s at home. She is generally shy when meeting new people, but doesn’t take long to warm up. She has an energetic spirit to light up a room! Needs $300/month. Sponsor here.

“Paxton” is described as a sweet, observant girl. She has a heart condition and some hand and foot differences. She has a nurturing spirit, loving to spend time with the babies. Paxton loves all things girly and pink. Needs $185/month. Sponsor here.

“Violet” is described as a bright, mature, creative young girl who enjoys sketching and doing anything artistic. She is a fantastic older sister to her younger siblings. She loves to learn and looks for opportunities to discover something new. Read what a volunteer had to say about her here! Needs $210/month. Sponsor here.

Joy Home Pink

“Angel” is a survivor of osseous tuberculosis, and was announced completely cured in the fall of 2013. Angel is a mischievous, ornery, silly girl who loves to ride her bike and lead her sisters in mischief. She is a student in a local mainstream school, and has been learning English. Angel’s favorite color is pink. Needs $375/month. Sponsor here.

“Esther” has mild CP, monoplegia, and slight developmental/speech delay. She attends a mainstream private school. She tends to be a little shy, but is also super-smiley, gentle, and happy to please. Needs $155/month. Sponsor here.

“Livy” is described as a spunky ball of energy who is a quirky entertainer! When she’s not being silly, you can find her coloring, playing imaginative games, or curled up for a snuggle. Read about her here! Livy is also available for adoption. Find more information here. There is a $10,000 child-specific grant available to her adoptive family. Needs $155/month. Sponsor here.

“Lucy” is described as an entertainer with a great sense of humor who loves to play tag and make her friends laugh. She has a beautiful imagination and enjoys creating art. You will often find her playing pretend and recreating the most ordinary things into something extraordinary and exciting. Needs $215/month. Sponsor here.

“Rosie” is a sweetheart who was born with an autoimmune disease. She is often quiet and the observer in a group setting. She loves to dance and make people laugh. She is a good friend to her foster sisters.  Needs just $45/month! Sponsor here.

Schoolgirls from other homes who need sponsorship

Though “Tatum” lives at Faith Home Purple, she also attends school. She is is a very special and unique child who amazes us at SCH every day. She has semi-paralysis of her arms and a congenital disability, but is able to use her feet to do almost anything hands can do! She is able to read and write, and communicates very well in Telegu. Tatum attends school locally. Needs $270/month. Sponsor here.

Though “Mae” lives at Courage Home Purple, with foster moms Nikki and Merissa (and 12 foster brothers and sisters), she was recently enrolled in school! Mae is blind and attends a local mainstream private school, where she is the 3rd child who is blind to ever attend! She is so, so smart and excited to learn each and every day. She uses a guide cane to get around and is learning to read Braille by practicing her pre-Braille skills at home. Her favourite activity is playing with the parachute. Mae has a biological father and sister with whom she has regular visits.You can read more about her on this blog by searching for her name in the categories! Needs just $30/month more! Sponsor here.

Educate a girl, save the world!


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