Advocating for Kids at SCH, Part II: Anchor Home!

PD: A girl stands against a white wall, wearing a traditional Indian sari that is hot pink, blue, & gold w/ paisley accents & sparkly glitter. Her hands are at her sides, wearing blue bangles.

Update 2020:

*Aleks has been reunited with his family, who are being partially supported by SCH during the transition! Reuniting children with their biological families is one of SCH’s main goals – reception, reunion, and adoption.

In memoriam: unfortunately, Rajani, online name *Winnie, passed away in April 2020 due to complications from aspiration pneumonia. She was loved by everyone who knew her and is no longer in pain or distress, though her loss is great.

Update 2019:

In September, Anchor Home welcomed *Paisley! Meet her below! *Kalilah, *Abe, and *Josie have been adopted and are home with their forever families!

Update 2018:

Friends, this news is never comfortable to share. In memoriam: unfortunately, Balraj (known as *Thomas on this blog) passed away in late 2018. He will be remembered by those who knew him well. Also in memoriam: sweet little *Margaret unfortunately passed away in June. May she rest in peace and be wholly healed forever. Please keep those who loved these sweet babes here on earth in your thoughts and prayers throughout this difficult time.

In August, Anchor Home welcomed *Adeline and *Kalilah (adopted!) to Anchor Navy! Read more about how you can help below under the section header ‘Anchor Home Navy’!

Over the course of 2018 (and prior), *Mia, *Emerald, *Emi*Clay, *Eli, *Caden, *Cara, and *Nevaeh were adopted! Thank you to those who graciously supported them during their time at SCH.

Original post:

This post will consist of all the children who live in one of the two apartments at Anchor Home in Hyderabad: Anchor Gold and Anchor Navy. The kids at Anchor Home mostly attend Little Lights Special School on-site! Learn more about the school, as well as donate toward operational costs, here.

Sponsorship helps SCH to be able to secure the proper medical care, as well as all the other essentials for living the happiest, healthiest life possible.

From Anchor Gold’s sponsorship page:

Anchor Home opened its doors in 2016 and is home to our most medically fragile children. Consisting of mostly infants and toddlers, Anchor Home acts as a critical care facility for those children who have the most pressing medical needs. This home is equipped with live-in, around the clock nursing staff who are able to treat the ongoing needs of our little ones, as well as an elevator to help meet the transportation needs of our less mobile children. Anchor Home is made up of two individual foster families living in apartment style flats: Anchor Gold and Anchor Navy.

Anchor Home Gold

Partially Sponsored

*Cassia has cerebral palsy for which she uses a wheelchair, epilepsy, and an intellectual disability. She attends in-home school Monday through Friday, as well as physical therapy where she is learning to sit independently, and made strides in this area in 2018. *Cassia received a g-tube in February 2018 to help her receive proper nutrition. *Cassia loves to cuddle and make music! She also enjoys being swung in the porch swing and walked through the neighborhood. *Cassia is such a joy. She loves all things musical, and Disney songs are bound to bring about a grin from ear to ear on her sweet face. She is loved by her precious caretaker and all her Anchor family.  Needs $150/month. Sponsor here.

*Danny is a very new addition to the Anchor family, so new there is no information available about him yet! He has just been transferred to Anchor home from the hospital, where he has spent his first 5 months of life. Needs $180/month. Sponsor here.

*Elodie has cerebral palsy for which she uses a wheelchair, microcephaly, dysphagia, and a seizure disorder. She loves when you make loud, kissy noises at her, and will reward you with a big, toothy grin. She is beginning to become more active with the help of staff. Content and gentle-spirited are the first words that come to mind when thinking about *Elodie. This sweet girl is known for her sweet smile and soft hums when happy. She enjoys sitting in her bean bag and listening to music. *Elodie loves having people sit with her and read. She attends an on-site school where she participates in many activities throughout the day. When the colorful scarves are pulled out of the box for music time, she beams with delight, as this is her favorite activity! Needs $180/month. Sponsor here.

*Katherine was born D/deaf-blind and has cerebral palsy. She was able to receive a cochlear implant, which was activated in February 2018. This will provide her with sensory input. She has the most loving and genuine caretaker who ensures she is well cared for. *Katherine has been undergoing vision therapy in a special room on-site, as she is still able to perceive light. She is a sweet girl who loves to eat, and will rarely turn food down! She has the cutest, most irresistible pouty face when asleep. *Katherine attends an in-home preschool program (aka ‘circle time’) wearing her CI. Following circle time, she works with a physical therapist. This girl is quiet and content most of the time, but isn’t afraid to let you know when she needs more attention! Needs $170/month more. Sponsor here.

*Lauren is a petite, little sweetheart who enjoys being cuddled and spoken to, going on outings, and visiting the park. For the majority of *Lauren’s life, she wasn’t given loving care. Today, she responds well to her nurturing caregivers and feeds off their love. She enjoys playing games with her sisters. In 2018, she made progress with sensory play and learning to throw a ball! Needs just $116/month more! Sponsor here.

*Paisley has Down Syndrome, like *Heidi, *Naomi, *Zane, and *John! She has been welcomed into Anchor home with open arms by the staff and other children! She is the most darling little 6-month-old. Ever. *Paisley loves to be held, rocked, and softly sung to. She grabs at faces and fingers any chance she gets. She has been rolling to her stomach whenever she is laid on her back, proving that she is actually a grown lady. She is a sweet, sassy little baby who loves being held, doing tummy time, singing, and listening to music. We are beyond thrilled to have this sweet babe in our care! Needs $345/month. Sponsor here.

*Penny has cerebral palsy, some orthopedic issues, and a developmental delay. She wears glasses to help her vision! It is suspected she may have a condition called Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome, but this is unconfirmed. *Penny is a little sunshine girl. She is the most bubbly and joyful child you could ever meet – she RADIATES joy. She loves balloons, bubbles, and anything bright green. She loves to wander the house and discover new things. It doesn’t take much to make this sweet girl smile from ear to ear. She loves being held and feeling anything with an interesting texture. Her sweet personality has caused everyone in her home to be completely smitten! Monday through Friday, she can be found sitting in circle time in her purple glasses, soaking in all she can from her preschool program. *Penny is working on standing and walking with a physical therapist, and began walking with a gait trainer in 2018. She loves to cuddle, swing, eat, and swim! *Penny needs just $100/month more! Sponsor here.

Note: *Penny is available for international adoption! Find her profile by browsing through the ‘Waiting Kids‘ section of my blog, found in the top bar under the banner!

*Sarita has a repaired cleft lip, and had an unrepaired cleft palate when she first arrived, which was repaired. She is gaining weight and loves to eat! *Sarita is a little giggle-box. This munchkin loves to laugh at anything and everything. She has been working with a physical therapist on independent sitting, both on her bottom and knees. She is a diva, though! There are days she will absolutely not have it, and refuses to sit up. Other days, she thinks it’s hilarious to slowly fall over and give up. in 2018, she received a sitter-stander device, which she worked on using! She is a hoot! Did I mention she loves to laugh? Because every night, at bedtime, she will laugh until her laughs are silent, stop for a breath, and laugh some more! Staff love every bit of her quirky personality, too. *Sarita is an incredibly intelligent child, participating in on-site preschool, and is learning to work on communication through adaptive switch devices. Read a welcome blog by one of her foster moms here! Needs $100/month. Sponsor here.

*Shiloh has cerebral palsy. When she arrived, she was dehydrated and had bed sores. She has come a long way, and has made it through that harrowing time. She is thriving in her home, growing chubbier every day! This little nugget is the baby all the other kiddos ask to hold. She gets lots of cuddles and love, loves her caretaker, and gives all others a hard time when her caretaker is gone! She loves her naps even more. She has been to the pool a few times, and she usually takes that time to nap on a floaty. She attends in-home preschool and does some physical therapy with her caretaker and physical therapists. In 2018, she made strides in continuing to work on sitting independently, reaching for items, and tracking objects with her eyes. Needs $105/month. Sponsor here.

Note: *Shiloh is available for international adoption! Find her profile by browsing through the ‘Waiting Kids‘ section of my blog, found in the top bar under the banner!

*Susan has cerebral palsy, an intellectual disability, and epilepsy. She had a g-tube placed in 2018 in order to provide her with proper nutrition and help her gain weight. She especially loves having music class at school. She enjoys rides in her wheelchair, affection, and being conversed with – she wants to be treated just the same as her verbal sisters and loves to be right in the center of the action. She has a stunning smile and loves to giggle! In 2018, she made strides in sensory play. Needs $100/month more. Sponsor here.

Fully Sponsored

*Julie has treated hydrocephalus. She is described as a sassy, outgoing little girl with a sweet smile and a carefree spirit! *Julie is one-of-a-kind – full of sass and personality. She is a social butterfly to most, but can also be bashful and shy. She has a deep appreciation for food and bedtime – what a gal. *Julie attends one-to-one class and a group class Monday through Friday with an in-home teacher. She is currently learning to write her ABCs and has learned to write her name! *Julie works with a physical therapist doing a variety of stretches as well as working on standing. In 2018, she worked to improve her speech! She is a princess and knows it! She’s happiest in someone’s arms, able to participate in all the fun. *Julie went a very long time thinking her name was actually ‘Baby’, because that’s what her foster mom frequently called her! She has learned her real name and now claims it as her own.

Note: *Julie is available for international adoption! Find her profile by browsing through the ‘Waiting Kids‘ section of my blog, found in the top bar under the banner!

*Talitha, aka ‘little bird’. This little one has a neurodegenerative disorder and was given a short time to live, but continues to fight and challenge expectations! She is referred to as the ‘miracle child’ of Anchor Home. She might be small, but what the Lord is doing through her is far from. Walking through each day with her, God leaves staff members amazed. She has been the biggest blessing to Anchor Home. *Talitha kicks her feet, wiggles her arms, and coos the sweetest coos. She loves to be cuddled, go on walks in the baby carrier, and swing on the porch. *Talitha, once reliant on oxygen support, is now breathing independently, and had a g-tube placed for nutrition in 2018! She is definitely a wonder. Needs just $5/month more! Sponsor here.

*Valor has cerebral palsy for which he uses a wheelchair. He is described as a sweet, reserved boy who can sit up with support, a skill he continued to practice alongside strength-building through physical therapy in 2018! Valor had a g-tube placed in 2018 and has a team of physical therapists who help him exercise and stretch tense muscles. *Valor is much more smiley since arriving at SCH. He is a handsome heartthrob who loves to wiggle and giggle. He is such an intelligent boy, currently learning to use adaptive switches to power toys. *Valor enjoys being in the company of others, but more so enjoys one-on-one attention. That’s no surprise, though. He has the biggest smile, and can light up a whole room through his contagious laughter! *Valor’s favorite thing to do is bounce on the trampoline. He giggles and laughs the whole time! He attends circle-time Monday through Friday at on-site school and works on sensory activities in the afternoons.

Anchor Home Navy

Partially Sponsored

*Abigail has cerebral palsy for which she uses a wheelchair (upgraded in 2019 to position her better), and is non-verbal. Her family is trying to purchase a communication system, since she is very smart and clearly would benefit from programmable buttons! She uses a special positioning chair to sit, and is working on learning to sit independently in physiotherapy. *Abigail luckily arrived at the home the same day she was brought to a government orphanage. She loves to be kissed on both cheeks, and her funny sense of humor keeps people in stitches. She’s always got her eye on what’s happening in the home, and you better believe if someone trips and falls or drops something, she’s not letting it slide! She laughs hysterically at any mishap. *Abigail loves attention and learning new things. She attends on-site classes, and enjoys activities where she can operate a toy and communicate using an adaptive switch. With the help of physiotherapy, she is working on sitting independently, and is gaining more and more strength and body control everyday. Needs $170/month. Sponsor here.

*Adeline is a sweet baby with a gentle spirit. *Adeline is a tiny peanut who loves looking at lights and scanning her surroundings with her bright, wide eyes. She enjoys meal time and is learning to eat soft foods. *Adeline also enjoys tummy time and is gaining head control daily. In 2018, she learned how to roll from stomach to back and hold her bottle by herself! Her huge, gummy smile and soft, cooing sounds will melt anyone’s heart! Needs $345/month. Sponsor here.

*Alina has cerebral palsy, for which she uses a wheelchair, and a seizure disorder. She has the biggest brown eyes and a cute button nose. You can always tell when *Alina is around, because she makes the silliest sounds. *Alina loves hugs and being tossed in the air. She is also a lover of music! As soon as music is played, she begins clapping and a big smile shines across her face. In 2018, she made strides in increased mobility and became able to reach for objects! She can often be found smiling and humming during downtime, and her voice is well-known throughout her home. *Alina is working on gaining strength, as well as sitting up, during physiotherapy. She attends on-site class and enjoys having chapter books read to her, as well as finger-painting! Needs just $35/month more! Sponsor here.

*Blaire has cerebral palsy and has overcome much, arriving at SCH with a high fever and a lung infection. She attends Little Lights Special School on-site, where she participates in circle time as well as sensory activities, and is smiling much more often than when she arrived. This little cutie can easily be described as loyal. She adores her primary caregiver, and once you’ve won her trust, there’s no turning back! She enjoys being pushed in the swing, sitting on the balcony with the wind blowing through her hair, and having tummy time. In 2018, she learned to roll from tummy to back! She receives physiotherapy and is gaining strength from her hard work. She has the sweetest giggle that she often lets out right after she eats! Needs just $55/month more! Sponsor here.

*Eden is Deafblind – she was born blind due to anophthalmia (absence of eyes), and was also discovered to be profoundly D/deaf upon arrival; since then, she has undergone one cochlear implantation surgery. She often wears a headband to help keep her speech processor in place, as she sometimes gets overwhelmed and will shake her head from side to side in order to remove it. In 2018, she learned to use a guide cane independently! She gave her first smile the first day she arrived. *Eden loves to be held, carried, and sung to. She is described as very cheerful! She is such as sweet-natured, adorable little girl. She loves riding her rocking horse and swinging on swings. Read more about *Eden, as described by her foster mother, here! Needs $110/month. Sponsor here.

Note: *Eden is available for international adoption! Find her profile by browsing through the ‘Waiting Kids‘ section of my blog, found in the top bar under the banner!

*Keren has cerebral palsy for which she uses a wheelchair, an intellectual disability, and is blind. She is described as a gentle, happy,  quiet little angel who has gone through a lot since birth, surviving an attack of meningitis when she was nine months old that caused blindness, as well as hydrocephalus and some brain damage. Today, *Keren is making strides and growing stronger every day. In 2018, she gained strength and mobility through physiotherapy! She has a huuuge smile and loves on-site music class, to be held, and interacting with caregivers! Needs $45/month. Sponsor here.

*Tessa has cerebral palsy for which she uses a wheelchair, in addition to  a seizure disorder and an intellectual disability. She is sweet and expressive! She’s been working to gain weight, adjust to a new home, and is learning to sit unassisted alongside physical therapists. In 2018, she experienced a gain in mobility and has begun reaching for objects! Needs $240/month. Sponsor here.

Fully Sponsored

*Connor is a little charmer who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a developmental delay. He loves to be held and carried, and has a special bond with his caregiver. This little guy has strong opinions and loves making them known. When *Connor sees a person he wants, he kicks his legs and waves his arms until he’s given attention! He loves to laugh, and can be found cracking up at many of the songs during circle-time. *Connor loves “The Chicken Dance” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” to be sung throughout the day. In 2018, he learned to identify body parts by pointing to them! During on-site class, he works on sorting objects by color and enjoys playing in shaving cream. *Connor is working on sitting independently and bearing weight on his feet during physiotherapy.

Note: *Connor is available for international adoption! Find his profile by browsing through the ‘Waiting Kids‘ section of my blog, found in the top bar under the banner!

*Jamila has hemiplegia affecting her legs, as well as microcephaly. She is described as cute and chunky, and charms everyone with her dimples. She has come a long way since arriving in a severely malnourished condition. *Jamila is such a happy, busy girl! Her sweet smile is an instant heart-melter. She is always looking for a friend to be near and a lap to sit in. She gives big hugs and has recently been introduced to the game ‘Hide and Seek’. She loves to be the hider, and has found the best hiding spaces under beds! Her deep laugh can be heard throughout the floor as she waits to be found. Her kind, joyful spirit is sure to steal the hearts of those who take the time to get to know her! In on-site school, she learned to identify her shapes in 2018! She has been working with a physical therapist toward strengthening her legs to be able to walk. 

Note: *Jamila is available for international adoption! Find her profile by browsing through the ‘Waiting Kids‘ section of my blog, found in the top bar under the banner!

*Kristy has cerebral palsy, moderate hearing loss, and anemia. She arrived severely malnourished from a government orphanage. Since arrival, *Kristy has made leaps and bounds of progress – she is now able to sit independently and scoot with her feet wherever she wants to go. She is described as a cuddly, smiley, giggly little girl who loves to laugh and smile at caregivers! *Kristy can walk with a walker and support, which she works on with physical therapists to gain strength and stamina. In 2018, she learned how to communicate that she is “all done” when finished eating!

Note: *Kristy is available for international adoption! Find her profile by browsing through the ‘Waiting Kids‘ section of my blog, found in the top bar under the banner!

*Zack has paralysis caused by spina bifida, for which he uses a wheelchair. He also has treated hydrocephalus. In 2018, he started to scoot around while sitting on the floor by using his hands to push! As a person enters the room, *Zack is sure to give a slow, sweet wave and flash his huge smile in greeting! He has the cutest smile you will ever see. He loves to be held and kissed on his cheeks; if he is crying, all you have to do is pick him up and kiss him, and he is perfectly content. However, he is a typical boy and doesn’t cry much unless he is hungry. He is extremely well-behaved and is quick to steal the hearts of those he meets! He loves playing games on the iPad and having snack time. *Zack is able to communicate with a combination of words and sign language. He loves watching the rain and reading the book 5 Little Monkeys. His caregiver loves him, and he can often be found staying up late watching TV with the other caregivers, eating late-night snacks!

Note: *Zack is available for international adoption! Find his profile by browsing through the ‘Waiting Kids‘ section of my blog, found in the top bar under the banner!

An important part of SCH’s work is YOU! SCH relies on donations to keep running. Donation opportunities include child sponsors at any cost per month, from as low as $25/month. Sponsorship usually costs between $350 and $500 per child, depending on complexity of needs and which city they live in (Ongole or Hyderabad).

You can sponsor any child who needs additional funding at SCH by using the resources found here. Use these resources to get involved in other ways, such as becoming an advocate or volunteering. You can also become a medical sponsor (ideal for large groups or organizations who wish to support SCH) and donate toward monthly emergency medical expenses; or become an educational sponsor and donate toward a specific on-site school. Learn about other ways to give charitably to SCH here, and check back often for additional opportunities.

*A note about names: SCH uses online nicknames for the children in order to protect their identity, per Indian government guidelines which state that children in care may not have identifying photos of them on the internet, as well as no identifying information such as birth name, place of origin, etc.

You can also send gifts via Amazon India, make a one-time, general donation, pray if that is your calling, or volunteer at home or in India yourself by using these resources!

Connect with SCH: Official Website | Facebook| Twitter | Instagram

PD: the SCH logo – black text reads ‘sch’; red text below reads ‘sarah’s covenant homes’; heart-shaped flowers bloom from the name.

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