Advocating for Kids at SCH, Part II: Anchor Home!

This post will consist of all the children who live in one of the two apartments at Anchor Home in Hyderabad: Anchor Gold and Anchor Navy.

Sponsorship helps SCH to be able to secure the proper medical care, as well as all the other essentials for living the happiest, healthiest life possible.

To sponsor a child or check the status of their sponsorship in order to sponsor them, use the references here. You can also connect with SCH on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find SCH’s wEBSITE by clicking the link. You can make a general donation to SCH via PayPal here. To give a one-time, general donation to SCH, follow this link. Information on selling and buying in support of SCH (donating part or all of the proceeds from your items) through eBay and Amazon can be found here.

Anchor Home Gold

“Caden” has Epidermolysis Bullosa, or “Butterfly Syndrome”, where connective tissue between his skin is missing, causing his skin to slough off very easily and requiring multiple, daily bandage changes and special clothing. Despite this, he is thriving! Caden has just turned 2 and is currently learning to walk. Needs $120/month. Sponsor here.

“Emerald” is a sweet little nugget who was born with a cleft palate, which will likely be repaired around age 2. She uses an NG tube to eat, because her palate causes difficulty and she could aspirate. Today, Emerald is doing so well in her home! She has crazy hair that likes to stick up in all directions. Needs just $50/month! Sponsor here.

“Josie”  is a beautiful baby girl. She is healthy and thriving since coming to SCH, but when she arrived, she was severely malnourished, suffering from spina bifida, and had complications from a recent VP shunt surgery for hydrocephalus. After getting a new VP shunt placed, she is a bright, joyful baby who loves attention! Needs $210/month. Sponsor here.

“Julie” is described as a sassy, outgoing little girl with a sweet smile and a carefree spirit. Julie has treated hydrocephalus. She has a deep love and appreciation for food, and feels happiest when she is in someone’s arms, able to participate in all the fun. Julie is quite the social butterfly and gets along easily. Julie went a very long time thinking her name was actually ‘Baby’, because that’s what her recent foster mom called her! She has recently learned her real name and now claims it as her own. Needs $140/month. Sponsor here.

“Shiloh” has CP. When she came to SCH, she was dehydrated and had bed sores. Shiloh has come such a long way since the day she arrived; she has made it through that harrowing time and is thriving in her home today. Needs $175/month. Sponsor here.


Anchor Home Navy

“Abigail” has spastic quadriplegic CP and loves to be kissed on the cheeks. Abigail was luckily brought to SCH the same day she was brought to a government orphanage. She uses a special positioning chair to sit, and is working on learning to sit independently in physical therapy.  Needs $170/month. Sponsor here.

“Blaire” has CP and has overcome arriving at SCH with a high fever and lung infection. She attends Little Lights Special School on-site in her home. She receives physiotherapy to help with her motor skills! Needs $95/month. Sponsor here.

“Clay” first had a reconstructive sensitive need repaired when he arrived, and is now happy, healthy, and spunky. He is described as charming, curious, and observant. Read more about Clay here! Needs $175/month. Sponsor here.

“Eli” has severe GERD, which has caused chronic, frequent respiratory infections. Despite this, he is a heart-melting little boy with a sweet smile. Needs $250/month. Sponsor here.

“Emi” has pulmonary alveolar proteinosis, a genetic disorder that has been successfully treated. No more oxygenation for this girl! She is very observant and tries to watch everything going on. SCH’s blog name for this little sweetie, Emi, means beautiful blessing. Needs $265/month. Sponsor here.


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