Therapy at SCH!

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Find a glimpse into a day of therapy at a foster home (Courage Purple) at SCH here! It’s written by Merissa, who is both co-foster mom and therapist to the 12 children in the home where she and Nikki foster together.


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A brief excerpt from the post, which shares the reason for why Nikki and Merissa parent the way they do:


At SCH, all our kids have special needs, and consequently most live with symptoms that get in the way of them doing what they want and need to do. However, there is another ugly factor (apart from their diagnoses) for our kids: history of neglect and abuse. Many of our kids are delayed and have cognitive and emotional scars from their hard early years before they came to SCH. Thus, two of the most important things we offer our kids is the opportunity to be kids – to play and explore – and to be in a loving parent-child relationship (we strive to use a parenting approach which is especially effective for kids from trauma backgrounds). I say this to make a connection between my roles of therapist and foster mom; providing my kids with a loving, playful home environment is one of the most “therapeutic” things I can do for them.


Photo Description: *Lily, facing away from the camera, using her gait trainer to help her walk, wearing a black dress w/ hair in a bun.

In addition, exciting news! SCH will be opening a new pediatric rehabilitation centre, ‘Align’, very soon! It is currently being run out of one of SCH’s other foster homes while they search for a new building to rent. This site will provide OT (occupational therapy) and PT (physical therapy), and will provide services to children and young adults who live at SCH as well as in the community. The goal is to keep families together, even if a child has a disability, because while SCH does facilitate adoptions, its main goal is for kids to find FAMILIES, whatever that may look like. It may look like living at home with bio parents and receiving services with SCH, it may look like living at one of SCH’s foster homes, it may look like being adopted by another family in India or abroad.

Excerpt on purpose:

This rehab centre is a part of SCH’s vision and commitment to support local families with kids with special needs. We hope to ultimately empower families, preventing the despair and helplessness which can lead to the abandonment of the child. We will offer free/reduced fee services for low-income families who are seeking therapy for their child with special needs.

The overreaching goal is to contribute to the truth that disabilities aren’t scary. SCH aims to provide resources to families in the community so that they may choose to raise their children themselves, regardless of their abilities, rather than giving them up for adoption or abandoning them simply because they have a disability.

Purchase needed items for Align here, on Amazon.

Donate directly to startup costs here, through Merissa’s PayPal, and mention ‘Align’ in the comments!


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