*Stephanie Needs Sponsors!


*Stephanie, a teenage girl who lives at Joy Home, is still in need of some monthly sponsors! She currently needs a few more commitments to cover re remaining sponsorship need of $250/month. Sponsors can give as little as $10/month, and working together as a village, we can help raise these future world-changers! Sponsors get quarterly photo updates on the children/young adults for whom they provide for the cost of nutritious food, a safe home, clothes that fit well and look nice to help fight the stigma of abandonment, mainstream (or specialized, if needed) education, access to medical care including various therapies, ayahs (caregivers), and support staff, and so much more.

*Steph loves to sing. She is rather shy, as you can read about below, but she simply lights up when singing! *Steph currently attends a School for the Blind, receives Braille training at an institute for the Blind in her community, and attends Anjali School for the Blind at Courage Purple for additional training. She is learning to read Braille and uses a guide cane to help her get around. She continues to blossom into an amazing young lady each and every day!

The following was shared by Casey, a former foster mom who has worked at SCH. She had this to say:

The Joy Home nurse introduced me to Stephanie by asking her to sing for me. I thought it was a little strange, until her face lit up as she sang the sweetest Telegu worship song. I sat next to her on the couch and she asked my name, I asked hers, and we had a little conversation about school. Stephanie doesn’t speak much, but when she does it’s always worth listening to. Stephanie glows when she hears music of when she gets to sing, and I was sitting next to her in an auto once when she randomly spoke up and told me about her love for Ice cream! Stephanie holds a very special place in my heart! Join #teamstephanie today and help cover the remaining $250/month that she needs!

Sponsor *Stephanie!

Follow this link to be re-directed to Joy Home’s information page, and to meet the other girls in the 2 Joy Home groups (Joy Pink, where *Steph lives, and Joy Yellow).

I’ve written about *Stephanie previously. Read all my previous posts here.

I’ve also previously written about the need for sponsorship for many of the girls from Joy Home in this post.

In addition, Joy Home currently does not have any foster parents; however, they are accepting applications at this time (apply here).

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*Steph, with her foster sisters at Joy!

*A note about names:
SCH uses fake names to protect the privacy of the children and young adults they serve, due to restrictions set by the Indian government intended to protect them from exploitation.


What is SCH’s mission?
SCH aims to facilitate the move for all their children of adoptable age to families if at all possible, whether it be through re-unification with birth parents or domestic or international adoption. This is because the best place for a child is in a family!

For those young adults who have aged out of the adoption system (after age 16 in India), SCH aims to provide family-style homes where they can learn vocational skills and continue to receive the love, care, and therapy they need. No one will ever have to leave SCH because they are ‘too old’. Orphan care extends beyond childhood, especially for children with disabilities who may not otherwise be able to live independently. However, if a young adult is able to live on their own, they may very well be able to live independent lives with the support of SCH!

SCH also aims to help the community around them by providing services like therapy and education, to help keep biological families together.

How can I help?

You can help SCH in a multitude of ways, most of which I’ve written about before. Explore the possibilities here and here, on their official website. You can also donate portions of proceeds from eBay sales to SCH when you list items for sale.

Meet all the children and young adults at SCH by exploring the various home pages here.


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