*Mae is Going to School! (Can You Help?)


*Mae is a very bright girl who lives at Sarah’s Covenant Homes (in Courage Purple) with her co-foster moms, Nikki and Merissa, and 11 foster siblings. *Mae was born blind; she has a condition called anopthalmia, meaning her eye balls did not form in utero. She is also spunky, smart, funny, and has so many amazing qualities, including lighting up her foster home and the world! *Mae’s situation is special, because she also routinely visits her biological father and siblings in the community on weekends! She has really taken off in the areas of language and learning over the past few months since she has come to live at SCH. She has gained weight, learned to speak English (but also speaks Telugu), learned to walk and use a guide cane, is learning to read Braille, and so much more.

Nikki and Merissa have found an amazing school which will accept *Mae, even though she is blind. This is big in India, as people with disabilities are often not educated unless they live with their parents and the family has a good income. Inclusion in mainstream schools is something which SCH is really trying to encourage right now, especially because of how enriching it is for ALL children to receive an education, as well as see diversity in their world. This school currently has a handful of blind students, and is proud to have a blind alumnus who now works for Microsoft! They are even having *Mae attend without SCH needing to send a personal school aide, as they are equipped to teach blind kiddos. This is also pretty rare in a lot of India. SCH must provide school aides to other children with disabilities who attend different schools in the community.

*Mae’s foster moms need to fundraise to get her to school each and every day!

From foster mom Nikki’s Facebook post:

“*Mae is really thriving. Her language is taking off, she’s becoming more independent. We are excited that many visits have been arranged with her father and sister, and most importantly, she is happy and becoming a confident little girl.

We are very excited that a school has accepted *Mae for next year (starting in 6 weeks). She will do 5 days a week for full days, which is going to be so wonderful and challenging for her. The best thing about this school is that they have an awesome inclusion policy and prefer us not to send an aide with her as their staff are equipped. So she will get on the bus at 7:30 in the morning with all the other 5 and 6 year olds and will come home at 3:30 just like the other kids. We love this!! And of all our kids, *Mae is ready. There are a handful of other blind children currently at the school, and another blind student who graduated and now works at Microsoft. We are so excited!!

We need to pay her first term fees. This school is expensive, but it balances out with our other kids’ schools as we won’t need to pay the salary of an aide. We are looking to raise $1100 USD to cover term 1 fees and transportation for the first half of the year. If you are able to give, we would appreciate that so much!!!”

We [were] looking to raise $1,100 USD to cover term 1 fees and transportation for the first half of the year. $630 is left to raise!

Donate here

Make note that the funds should go to *Mae’s schooling in the notes!

If you are interested in learning more about how to adopt from India, start by visiting these resources:
National Council for Adoption

Holt International
America World Adoption
Children’s Home Society of Minnesota

And don’t forget to conduct your own research!

Here is a photo of *Mae recently! She is dressed up in a traditional Indian outfit for a celebration day at Anjali School for the Blind (ASB), SCH’s in-house school for the blind in Courage Home Purple, where she currently attends with her fellow foster siblings who are blind, as well as a couple children from other SCH homes, and some children from the local community!

Educate a girl, change the world.


*A note about names & identities:
SCH uses online aliases and obscures identifying photos of their children, due to Indian law requiring this in order to keep the children’s identities protected.


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