Education in India (SCH – New Donation Campaign)

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Adapted from a short post on my new Tumblr advocacy page, All Kinds of Advocacy:

What is the campaign?

SCH (Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India) is currently running a donation campaign to get their school-aged children who attend mainstream and special schools in their community fully covered for their educational needs for the upcoming school year starting in June.

From SCH’s Kindful page:

Education opens doors. For our kids, the classroom is a place where their dreams become illuminated and they are given the skills and inspiration for endless possibilities. Help open the door for a child’s future today!

More about the current campaign can be found here (inactive link), on their website, including stories of how education has impacted a number of children living in foster homes at SCH. The website page is no longer available, but the following donation link is:

Donate here

In addition, you can donate to the general education fund at any time by signing up or giving a one time donation here. On the page, you will also find links to sponsor one of SCH’s 3 on-site schools.

Or, you can donate items toward the vocational program through Amazon India (note that you must have a separate account, however, sign-up is quick and identical to other Amazon satellite websites) here.

Why is this important?

Because education is so important! Not just for some kids, but for ALL kids. In India, as well as many other places around the world, education is seen as a privilege, not a right. Schooling can also be expensive, creating an additional roadblock to participating in a classroom setting and learning, so many poor families cannot afford it.

Furthermore, there are stigmas at play in some societies that often prevent children with disabilities from receiving adequate, if any, education. They are seen as lacking in value, or unable to contribute to the world around them; therefore, SCH must fight to get children in their care included in mainstream schools, and advocate for them to be accepted to special schools such as Schools for the Blind, especially when there are additional disabilities involved.

Read an excerpt from *Violet’s story:

When she isn’t enjoying herself on her free time, *Violet goes to a mainstream private school paid for by [SCH]. The high quality education she’s able to receive there makes every penny worth it. If you ask *Violet what she wants to be when she grows up, she’ll tell you – a doctor. She positively beams with pride when she talks about her dreams and the fact that she is the only kid in her class who wants go into the medical field. We can’t help beaming ourselves. This little lady is truly going places.

(*Violet has been adopted!)

And *Brent’s story (Victory Home):

[SCH] was birthed out a desire to help children, such as *Brent, by giving them a voice and a chance to succeed. At SCH, we believe that every child has the right to a quality education, even if others disagree. We face opposition on a regular basis while advocating for our children’s basic rights. Time and time again we have been told that our children are not welcomed in a school because their needs are too great, their education is a [waste], or they are too big of a distraction to the other children.

These are testimonies from the educational progress of just two children in SCH’s care. There are many other stories you can find on SCH’s Educate. Illuminate. Inspire. main page! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read about each child’s education story – so far!

Social Media Reach

You can also follow SCH’s social media pages here to get frequent updates:
Facebook  | TwitterInstagram

Or, visit their official website to learn how they are changing the orphan community.

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PD: SCH logo – black text reads ‘sch’; red text below reads ‘sarah’s covenant homes’; heart-shaped flowers bloom from the name.


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