Waiting Child: Meet *Lily!

PD: A girl stands against a white wall, wearing a traditional Indian sari that is hot pink, blue, & gold w/ paisley accents & sparkly glitter. Her hands are at her sides, wearing blue bangles.

Update August 2018:

*LILY’S FAMILY IS COMING!!!! They have 2 boys and are ready to bring home their first girl!

Scott Family Adoption (in progress)

Reece’s Rainbow Family Sponsorship Page (FSP)

While *Lily waits for her family to be able to travel to pick her up, she needs some additional sponsors! *Lily still needs $120/month in sponsorship funds. Sign up to sponsor her monthly here!

Update February 2018:

Learn more about *Lily, and all the kids who are currently listed with Reece’s Rainbow, at the Reece’s Rainbow SCH listing master post here.

*Lily longs for a family so badly. She really wants a daddy to tuck her in at night (and of course a mommy, too), and would be an absolute joy to any family. She would love to have siblings, as well. She really loves on all the foster siblings in her home, and gets sad when they are adopted. She has now watched 4 kids at least be adopted, and often wonders aloud when her family will come for her. Foster mom Nikki writes about *Lily here.

An undated update to her RR page stated the following:

“*Lily gets around by crawling, walking with support from an adult, or walking with her gait trainer. She receives physical therapy daily, and is working to improve her walking. She loves dancing and attends dance class in the community. Her communication is improving quickly and she is speaking in sentences, although it is hard for some people to understand her. She is intelligent and attends school, knows the alphabet, is learning to read, can type on the iPad, knows her colors, can count objects to 15, can do simple math problems, [and attends to her own self-care needs as possible, with supports from an adult if necessary]. She is just starting to sound out words when reading, and can spell short words. She has great potential to learn, if given the appropriate interventions.

She builds strong attachments to her caregivers, getting sad when any adult she loves goes on vacation. She is a family girl at heart, and adores the family she has in her group home, but longs for the stability that adoption would bring. She is beautiful inside and out, and there is something very special about her. She loves to pray for her friends when they are sad or hurt. She likes to take care of the other children, and particularly makes a point to include the kids who are less physically able than she is. She is very bright and has a deep desire to learn. She is an old soul and while she definitely has a silly, goofy side, she enjoys the company of adults. She longs to be adopted, and asks frequently if a Mommy and Daddy are coming.”

Original post:

*Lily’s RR Profile:

“Known as *Lily by her committed volunteers, she recently had a big celebration for her 12th birthday. *Lily is described as a caretaker with a bright, warm and joy filled personality. She loves to wear new dresses and new shoes, play with baby dolls, read books, color, laugh, give hugs and dance. She works with a gait trainer to walk for her cerebral palsy, but it’s noted that she has a preference to run. With the trainer, she is able to kick a soccer ball and use a scooter standing up. She is able to speak, uses a communication program so she is able to share her thoughts and needs with others, and has started to spell and read short phonetic words. Her volunteer notes that *Lily has an understanding of what it means to have a forever family and has a strong desire to have this herself.

“Why hasn’t anyone chosen her? Don’t they know how amazing she is? Can’t they see how much joy she would bring to their family? Can’t they see that she is so much more than her cerebral palsy? That she is smart, she loves to laugh, she is gentle, and loves going to church. Her cerebral palsy doesn’t define her.”

– *Lily’s foster mother

*Lily is diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and HIV. She’s reported to be an eager learner and receives physical, speech, and occupational therapies [at home] and is doing well on medication.

Eligible families may qualify for a grant through her current agency.”

I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds.  For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant

*Lily from Courage Purple, a foster home at Sarah’s Covenant Homes (Facebook page), is currently one of Children’s Home Society/Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (CHS/LSSM)’s featured waiting children on their blog!

Learn more about *Lily here.

PD: *Lily faces away from the camera, using her gait trainer to walk across the balcony wearing a black dress w/ heart-shaped cutout. Her hair is in a bun & she wears jingly ankle chains.
*Lily using her gait trainer/walker. Photo credit: Nikki C/Merissa H

PD: *Lily faces away from the camera, using her gait trainer to walk across the balcony wearing a black dress w/ heart-shaped cutout. Her hair is in a bun & she wears jingly ankle chains.

*Lily lives in a foster home with 11 foster brothers and sisters, 2 co-foster mothers (Lydia and Merissa, whom I’ve spoken about and shared anecdotes from before, as well as Merissa’s daughter Divya). She uses a communication device to speak (called Proloquo2go) in combination with sign language and speech. She ambulates by walking using a adaptive walker/gait trainer (see photo above), supported by an adult, or by crawling! She can also ride an adapted bike (photo below). She is very smart and speaks and understands both English and Telugu fluently.

Photo description: *Lily wears a gray dress, riding a bike adapted for people w/ disabilities. iIt has straps to help keep her feet on the pedals & a volunteer who brought the bike is supervising behind.
*Lily riding an adaptive bike. Photo credit: Nikki C/Merissa H

Photo description: *Lily wears a gray dress, riding a bike adapted for people w/ disabilities. iIt has straps to help keep her feet on the pedals & a volunteer who brought the bike is supervising behind.

To adopt through CHS/LSSM, you must meet some additional requirements depending on the country from which you are attempting to adopt. General information on international adoptions can be found here. Note that you may not be able to adopt from this particular agency if you live in certain states, but that children are sometimes listed with multiple adoption agencies in order to reach a wider audience and ultimately find that child’s forever family that much faster.

There are many resources available on CHS/LSSM’s website.

*A note about names  & identities:

SCH & CHS/LSSM aren’t allowed to publicly share identifying names or photos of children available for adoption from India online due to privacy standards set by the government. Therefore, partial photographs and online alias names are used. If you are interested in adopting *Lily or any other child from India, photos, videos, names, and medical information can be shared by inquiring with the agency that has the child listed.

SCH Logo Black
PD: SCH logo – black text reads ‘sch’; red text below reads ‘sarah’s covenant homes’; heart-shaped flowers bloom from the name.


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