New Fundraiser!

I’m running a fundraiser on my personal facebook page. See it here.

Sarah is a young teen who is my cousin. She recently experienced some unexpected congestive heart issues (her sister has has congenital heart issues since birth, as well), and her father took time off work to be with her in the hospital. Driving back and forth has placed stress on their older vehicles.

Text from the Facebook fundraiser album:

“This fundraiser is for Sarah and her family. Sarah has been hospitalized with heart issues recently, and her dad has taken time off work to be at the hospital, which has created some financial difficulty. Driving back and forth has placed wear-and-tear on their vehicles, which would benefit from work. I am raising funds to purchase auto-related gift cards.

From Sarah’s Aunt Trudie (paraphrased): “[Mom] Carrie is an at-home Mom to 4 kids & also has her sister living with her, along with 3 more kids. They have new expenses with Sarah hospitalized with her heart issue. [Dad] Dallas has taken time off work & they’ve both been there with Sarah constantly…. both vehicles need new tires (’99 GMC Safari van & ’09 Chevy Blazer). They live on the east side near the south border of St Clair Shores. Van needs one new rim also.”

Click through the album. When you find something you like, comment ‘sold’!

Prices include US economy shipping. Message me for PayPal address! I have feedback on etsy and ebay (see album comments).

New items to be added as they become available, check back!
knitted/crocheted accessories/hats
another hairbow hanger
assorted hairbows & accessories
other assorted misc. items

Please message me privately if you would like to contribute items.

If you’d like to donate directly, you can do so here, and the funds will be passed on to Sarah’s family.

Additional items can be purchased from my Etsy store, with 50% of each purchase going toward a gift card for the family (make note if donating when purchasing). ”

I personally have feedback on both Etsy and eBay.


Sarah has been moved to a normal hospital room from the ICU while she recuperates.


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