*Angela (Real Life by Yvonne)

Update: *Angela has, unfortunately, aged out and is no longer available for adoption. 😦 Posey and Donnie, mentioned at the end of this post, are still available and waiting.

UPDATE January 2017: Yvonne has posted another blog post about *Angela, a child they sponsor in Ukraine where they previously adopted 2 daughters. *Angela will age out NEXT MONTH, making it imperative that her family find her and submit paperwork to adopt her by February 2017.

Read the blog post here, and then please consider sharing her, and or this, post. Moving to a new orphanage has brought great benefits and improvements for *Angela, but it is still not the same as having her own loving family. From Yvonne’s post, here is a photo of *Angela at Christmas time.

Can we find *Angela a family by my birthday, January 20th?

No child deserves to be lost, locked in an orphanage or institution (where many abandoned children with disabilities who grow into adults in her country will live) forever. Look how much she has improved! Check out Yvonne’s post for before and after photos when they picked up their children a couple years ago.

From her blog post:

For aging out kids an i600a application needs to be received by USCIS before her 16th birthday. Homestudy can go in later. The i600a is the non child specific and is a better choice for aging out kids because it gives you more time on different steps than sending the i600.

PD: Angela, wearing a white dress & a huge bow in her hair. She is smiling widely, hugging a doll.

Yvonne (and her family) from the blog My Real Life by Yvonne sponsor a child in Eastern Europe, named *Angela, where they adopted two of their 5 children. Their daughters, Sarah and Selah, lived in the same place for a time, and Yvonne has met *Angela.

*Angela is an orphan who needs a family. She is 15 years old, which means if she isn’t adopted by her 16th birthday, she will be locked in an institution forever. Children don’t belong in institutions, and neither do children who grow into adults. No one should be in an institution, cut off from the world. *Angela has some vision impairment and developmental disabilities. This girl has so much untapped potential, just waiting to spring forward and be shared with the world.

Read Yvonne’s post here: My Real Life by Yvonne: Angela

Will you please help spread the word by sharing this, or Yvonne’s original post (link above)? Sharing waiting children helps increase visibility, which in turn increases their chance of being adopted. It is *Angela’s turn. Share her on social media, and in life. Keep her in your thoughts, and pray for her, as well as her future family, if you feel led.

For other children who are at risk of aging out in their respective countries, read:

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Also, Hands Full of Blooms often shares posts regarding children who are aging out (and is also the source of my ‘Children Who Are Aging Out’ posts – hers feature photos, and there are links to each of her blog posts included within mine).


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