Bloom Family: …And One More!

RR Patch!

PD: 2 children cuddle, & 1 has Down Syndrome. Text over the image reads: “ Live simply so others may simply live. Mother Theresa. #downsyndrome #adoption #specialneeds #orphannomore”

Update September 2018: The Blooms picked up Yulia last year, and she has been home and thriving! She does not look like the same child any more – she is so, so healthy and loved.

Update August 2017: Amos, Violet, Lee, and Daisy are home and thriving!

As stated in this post before, the Blooms are going back to EE one last time, to rescue a girl who has come back from the brink of death. Her name is Yulia, and she is not out of the woods let, but is slowly improving thanks to the help of Maya’s Hope. Click here to be redirected to their Reece’s Rainbow FSP, where you can read about the pending adoption and donate toward fees to get her home.

Original post:

If you’re not familiar with the Bloom family, read this post first: Bloom Family in Need.

Just as a refresher (or if you’ve not heard about the family), the Blooms are adopting four more children from Eastern Europe: ‘Amos’, ‘Violet’, ‘Lee’, and ‘Daisy’ (donate to that RR sponsorship page here – they are very close to their matching grant, which will make them fully funded for their adoption). They love the children dearly, and are an amazing family who have adopted before, from the same region. While the father was in-country on the first visit for the childrens’ respective courts, the family found out about another girl. Her name is Yulia.

She is very, very malnourished. So malnourished, it is a miracle she is still alive. She is sick, and needs medical care. But she is also a child. She is a child who needs, and deserves, a family. It was thought she is too old to be adopted, but she isn’t! The Bloom family is stepping out in faith they will be able to bring her home, along with their other children. They have been able to take steps toward her adoption at an unusually fast rate, due to the dire need of the situation. Her orphanage is currently being sponsored by Maya’s Hope (they have previously not accepted help from outside, but recently changed their minds). Continue reading to find out how to help that situation.

If you would like to help us and help her, there are several different ways you can do so…

Her orphanage IS beginning to allow some help, including some added nutrition for her and other children, and two new caretakers. You can make a tax-deductible donation HERE [this is a CrowdRise page set up by Maya’s Hope, to support her orphanage] to help provide those things. Because of her current condition, the orphanage doctor and charity worker monitoring the orphanage are keeping an eye on her as her calorie levels are increased. Refeeding syndrome can be a real risk. For now the best we can do while she is in the orphanage is pray she stays stable and that they monitor her closely.

From YouCaring:

Many people have seen [her] photo and heard her story. These photos show her condition a few years ago when we first met her, compared with her current condition. There is a lot going on behind the scenes to prepare her paperwork for adoption. Keshia Melton has been tracking pledged donations specifically for Yulia. Those will be donated when we have more information on her legal status. In the meantime we have had some expenses preparing our dossier. I think we are very close to the record for the fastest dossier ever! We will have many more expenses later, but this is what we need to cover our expenses for the beginning of this story.

Yulia deserves a family just as much as any other child. Miracles can happen. All you have to do is find those hidden gems, those diamonds in disguise. Be an advocate. The Bloom family is already a testament to how children grow and blossom in families. They have adopted before and seen amazing transformations. They now want that for the newest members of their family.

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