Nikki & Merissa in India: Courage Purple Needs

Updated 6/22/17

Please visit this link to Nikki’s blog post for full details concerning current needs in Courage Home: Purple, where Nikki and Merissa live with their 13 foster children – *Lily, *Molly, *Nolan, *Dinah, *Jasmine, *Cedar, *Theo (adopted!), *Selah, *Mae, *Teagan, *Chloe, *Charlotte, and *Brianna; as well as general needs necessary for the entire Courage Home complex.

Current needs within the Courage Home complex, located in Hyderabad, include:

  • Donate toward SCH Staff Christmas bonuses (gifts of saris/shirts for staff have already been purchased), as a thank-you to all the staff from the local community who help keep SCH running
    • Full cost: approximately $855 US ($150 raised = $705 needed)

Event passed

  • Purchase a ‘Courage’ lion t-shirt from Courage Home to help support them
    • $20 each
  • Use Jaime’s Paypal here, and note your address in the comments/notes section.

Event passed


Current needs within Courage Purple specifically include:

  • Amazon Wishlist purchases of needed items (most-needed: underwear, diaper wipes, snack foods) ONGOING NEED
  • $30/month in sponsorship fees for Charlotte, age 3, after one of her sponsors had to cancel  NEED FULFILLED!
  • New speech processor for Nolan’s cochlear implant (link goes straight to Paypal – if you want the funds to go specifically to this need, mention it in the comments/notes section)
    • Need approximately $340 US STATUS UNKNOWN
  • Nikki is in the process of adopting Charlotte (Deepa) – donate toward her expenses here (as with the other needs that go straight to Paypal, note the need toward which you’d like your funds to go in the notes section)
    • Requires total savings of $5000 USD, to show there are enough funds to cover the cost of the adoption
    • $4000 received so far = only $1000 still needed! NEED FULFILLED!


If you can’t afford to give financially, please share Nikki’s original post.

Advocate for a need or multiple needs. Pray if you feel led. Keep them in your thoughts and root for them from afar. A community doesn’t just include giving money, it also includes building that community up by sharing needs, keeping the community in your thoughts and prayers, and supporting that community in any other way you can think of.

Every little bit helps. Be the change you wish to see in the world.


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