Nikki & Merissa in India: Courage Purple Needs

Updated 2/13/18

One of the most pressing needs at the moment for Courage Home, and Courage Purple, is fulfilling child sponsorship, which has just had to be raised to fit the cost of living in the home, as adopted children is a positive advancement, but causes a drop in sponsorship funds coming in. Visit this post to learn more about each of the kids, and give to the ones who need their sponsorships finished out.

Please visit this link to Nikki’s blog post for details concerning current needs in Courage Home Purple, where Nikki (who has adopted Deepa) and Merissa (who has adopted Dhivya) live with 9 foster children.

Current Courage Purple needs:

  • Amazon Wishlist purchases of needed items (most-needed: pediasure; snacks; baby wipes; cleaning supplies) ONGOING NEED
  • Courage Purple library  – purchase books for Courage Purple’s growing library here and hereONGOING NEED
    • Kids’ books:
      • Maisy Dresses Up
    • Caregiver/adult books:
      • Keeping Kyrie
      • The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog
      • No-Drama Discipline
      • The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind
      • The Potty Journey: Guide to Toilet Training Children with Special Needs, Including Autism and Related Disorders
  • Courage Purple is hoping to bring home an infant who is blind from the government orphanage! They are calling her ‘Baby J’, until she is hopefully able to come into SCH’s custody. She is still currently in the hospital as she is sick and very fragile. You can help donate items to take care of Baby J if and when they’re able to accept custody of her by purchasing from this wishlist.
  • Sponsor a special outing – it is important for kids to have a multitude of experiences. One way to do that is to take them on outings! You can learn more about the types of outings the Courage Purple kids go on, and donate toward transportation for those outings, by using the resources on this post!


$5 USD for transportation for three of the kids (plus staff) to go to Bumblebee. (Goal: 6 outings. 0 of 6 raised).

$5 USD for transportation for our big group of kids (*Lily, *Addie, Deepa, *Chloe, and Manasa) to go to dance class. (Goal: 12 outings. 12 of 12 raised- FULLY FUNDED!)

$25 USD for three children to get day swimming passes and transportation to the pool. (Goal: 16 outings. 6 of 16 raised).

$10 USD for two children to go to the Kids Center to play for an hour. (Goal: 16 outings. 0 of 16 raised).

  • *Mae’s school tuition – *Mae is starting school! We are very excited that *Mae has been accepted to a mainstream school! We have $1,130 total to raise for the first semester, and have raised $285/$1,130 so far. Click HERE to give!
  • Read more about Merissa’s adoption, and donate to its progression, here. ADOPTION COMPLETED! Please congratulate Merissa and Divya Jane on their finalized adoption 🙂
    • You can provide them with items they need by purchasing from this wishlist.

If you can’t afford to give financially, please share these needs. Pray if you feel led. Keep them in your thoughts and root for them from afar.

A community doesn’t just include giving money, it also includes building that community up by sharing needs, keeping the community in your thoughts and prayers, and supporting that community in any other way you can think of.

Every little bit helps. Be the change you wish to see in the world.



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