McQuinn Family Update (Love Makes Us Stronger)

Update June 2017: The McQuinns’ adoption is complete. Follow their story here.

Sadly, ‘Phoenix‘/Dryden has passed away. This is a very difficult time for the McQuinns, as they were in the midst of adopting two additional children from EE who desperately needed out of institutions. If they become active again, I will update this post. Please keep your thoughts with the McQuinn family as they process this tragic loss.

Original post:

This will be a break-out post featuring a family from this previous signal boost.

I have also written about their adoption here. The post also features waiting children from RR.

Read the McQuinns’ most recent blog post here for full details as to their current situation. Follow their blog ‘Love Makes Us Stronger’ here for updates.

The McQuinn family is adopting four kids – they were originally going to adopt Ricky, who unfortunately aged out of the system before they traveled and is now in trade school; as well as Beth, who is blind and was danger of being transferred to an adult institution with a reputation for abusing young girls; however, another family stepped up to adopt her (donate to their RR fund here).

The third child they were originally pursuing is Elizabeth, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy like two of their biological children, and they will still be bringing her home. This family is in dire need to reach Elizabeth in time, as the country where she currently lives cannot provide her with the medication or therapies she needs for her terminal illness. The McQuinns have daughters who live with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, so they know the ins-and-outs of the life-limiting disability.

Through their journey of gains and losses, the McQuinn family stepped up to bring home three other boys: Phoenix and Denzel live in an institution where Maya’s Hope, a fantastic New York-based charity run by Maya Rowencak, also provides assistance. Denzel and Phoenix  reside in a ‘laying down room’, or a room full of bedridden children, due to multiple special needs. They will also bring home a little boy named Matt, who still lives in a baby orphanage where he receives therapy and there are more than enough nannies to go around.

The McQuinns are really stepping out here. They are now currently pursuing only one of their original children, as well as three other children with whom they have fallen in love along the way. They started out going for three kids, but they will now be bringing home four.

Four children who will know the love of a family. Four children who will get the appropriate therapies, medications, and medical interventions they need. Four children who will know they were wanted, despite their perceived differences, despite all roadblocks placed in the way of their family. Four children who will learn they are safe, loved, and have all the things they will need to thrive. Four children who will not die alone, in orphanages where they most definitely do not  belong.

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