Posey Needs a Family!

RR graphic.

PD: 2 children cuddle, & 1 has Down Syndrome. Text over the image reads: “reecesrainbow.org. Live simply so others may simply live. Mother Theresa. #downsyndrome #adoption #specialneeds #orphannomore”

Update 2019: ‘Posey’ (Esther)’s family is coming, and they are bringing home another little girl, ‘Scout’ (Ziva), who is in desperate need of medical attention! Support them here and here.

First, please read this post, courtesy of Hands Full of Blooms. *Posey is their Miracle of Christmas Campaign child!

There, you will find an updated photo, which is rare for children who have been transferred to the older child or adult institution. This photo is so, so important, because it shows that Posey is in there. She has a light that radiates from within. She is young, she has potential. She has that inexplicable sparkle. This photo also increases Posey’s chance of finding her family sooner. People have asked if she smiles, due to her old baby photo being quite somber, and now we know that she does. There is hope.

PD: Posey lays in a stroller made for older children w/ disabilities, covered to her chest in a blanket with a huge smile on her face.
Undated photo of Posey. Credit: RR

PD: Posey lays in a stroller made for older children w/ disabilities, covered to her chest in a blanket with a huge smile on her face.

From the MACC page:

The goal of the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign is to raise $1,000 or more as an adoption grant for each waiting child [on the list].

The Blooms are so close to raising the full goal for Posey (this does not mean you have to stop giving after they reach the goal – any amount in Posey’s fund makes it easier for her family to adopt her in the long run!) for the campaign.

Posey needs a family! From her RR profile, here is what a family who recently visited her institution while adopting their children said about her:

From a family who met her in late 2016:

Posey is a tiny, dainty little girl. She sometimes seems a bit cautious of her surroundings due to her vision impairment. Orphanages can be scary places. Posey is in the bedridden wing of her institution. She was out in the open in a group of a few of the healthiest looking children. Sometimes when there are visitors to the orphanage this group is taken out of their beds and cribs. They are placed in wheelchairs in front of a TV in a main room. Since Posey was in this group, I am REALLY hoping it will mean she is getting some extra food and attention.

My husband had a great time playing with her. She smiled and interacted with him. She seems to be completely blind, but she does turn her head to follow the sound of your voice. She held onto his fingers with her hands. I don’t know how much she can move in general because she is always laying down or rarely out in a chair like that. She would benefit SO much from therapy and medication to keep her muscles loose. He said she is absolutely beautiful, but we already knew that.

Posey has some significant medical needs, about which you can read on her full profile. While this list may seem scary, I have confidence that a family will love her no matter her diagnoses. there are many resources available in the US for children who have the same diagnoses as Posey does, and it is clear she would benefit from significant intervention that she has simply not gotten in an orphanage or institution.

Are you Posey’s family? Or do you know a family who might be?

Please share Posey and this need! Share HFoB’s post, share this post, write your own blog, share on social media, spread the word in person. Keep Posey in your thoughts and pray for her if you feel led.

The more we share, the more increased her visibility becomes. It could be the difference that gets her out of an institution and into loving arms.

Be the change.

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