Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign

RR Graphic.

PD: 2 children cuddle, & has Down Syndrome. Text over the image reads: “reecesrainbow.org. Live simply so others may simply live. Mother Theresa. #downsyndrome #adoption #specialneeds #orphannomore”

Update 2019: ‘Posey’ (Esther)’s family is coming, and they are bringing home another little girl, ‘Scout’ (Ziva), who is in desperate need of medical attention! Support them here and here.

Update 6/22: the MACC campaign has now closed. Look for this year’s MACC campaign around December! Remember, you can still donate to any child’s adoption grant fund any time of the year. Donnie is still available for adoption.

I’ve written about this campaign in this post pertaining to another family who is supporting a different child in the campaign on Reece’s Rainbow. From that previous post:

If you are interested in becoming a Miracle Maker for a child during Reece’s Rainbow’s “Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign”, previously called the Angel Tree Project, follow this link. There, you  will choose a child to support, fundraise for, and ultimately be an advocate for that child. Collect donations, host a party, start a fundraiser, or host a raffle, giveaway, or auction.

Original post:

The family behind Hands Full of Blooms is participating in this campaign. They are supporting Posey, along with tending to their own current pending adoption (the husband is traveling to meet all the children and accept their referrals).

Posey has CP, is blind, and has some other medical needs. She is 8 years old.

From her RR sponsorship page:

From a family who met her in late 2016:

Posey is a tiny, dainty little girl. She sometimes seems a bit cautious of her surroundings due to her vision impairment. Orphanages can be scary places. Posey is in the bedridden wing of her institution.  She was out in the open in a group of a few of the healthiest looking children. Sometimes when there are visitors to the orphanage this group is taken out of their beds and cribs. They are placed in wheelchairs in front of a TV in a main room. Since Posey was in this group I am REALLY hoping it will mean she is getting some extra food and attention.

My husband had a great time playing with her. She smiled and interacted with him. She seems to be completely blind, but she does turn her head to follow the sound of your voice. She held onto his fingers with her hands. I don’t know how much she can move in general because she is always laying down or rarely out in a chair like that. She would benefit SO much from therapy and medication to keep her muscles loose. He said she is absolutely beautiful, but we already knew that.

MACC families documented on this blog so far:
Heath Family: Donnie
Bloom Family: Posey

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