Love Makes Us Stronger: An Adoption Update, Plus Waiting Children

RR graphic.

PD: 2 children cuddle on the floor, & 1 has Down Syndrome. Text over the image reads: “ Live simply so others may simply live. Mother Theresa. #downsyndrome #adoption #specialneeds #orphannomore”

Update June 2017: The McQuinns’ adoption has been completed.

The writers of “Love Makes Us Stronger”, the McQuinn family, are on a journey to bring home four children from Eastern Europe, three who have disabilities.

The family has two children who live with the same disability one of their newest daughters, Elizabeth (name changed to protect privacy), has, called Spinal Muscular Atrophy; however, Elizabeth is currently not being treated properly for said disability, due to the financial insecurities of the government-run orphanage where she currently resides. She will get the therapies, medications, support, and love she needs when she is home with her family, as well as have two sisters who are just like her and understand exactly what she is going through.

Two more of the family’s children who they are pursuing live in a ‘laying down room’ in a government mental institution. Both Phoenix and Denzel have multiple medical needs. *Denzel is eating via a tube in his nose, which is not providing him optimal nutrition at this time. Both boys have been waiting a long time for forever families. Denzel is 15 years old, but is the size of a small child. If his family weren’t coming for him (as well as Phoenix), he would live out the rest of his life malnourished in an adult mental institution. Children do not belong in institutions, they belong in families.

Their fourth child, Ricky, is ‘typical’, but would be aging out this year at 16. If his family weren’t coming for him, he would be left to his own devices. He would be fending for himself in a world that wasn’t meant for 16-year-olds to navigate alone. Now he has a chance. (Update: Unfortunately, *Ricky chose not to be adopted and will probably be living on his own.)

But that’s not all. The McQuinns want to help the rest of the world see the value in all children, including orphans, whether or not they have a disability.

So, in the spirit of that, please visit this  post and read about 4 available children who can be adopted internationally. They are all listed on Reece’s Rainbow as available for adoption. If you aren’t familiar with RR, they provide a platform for families to find their adoptive children, as well as fundraise for the cost it takes to bring those children home to the families who love them.

The children listed in the McQuinns’ blog post are:

  • Giggly, exuberant Quinn, who has multiple diagnoses but still loves to smile and wave at visitors
  • Stunning Zoey, who is receiving nutrition in a way that is not right for her (she is fed through an NG tube in her nose due to an inability to swallow, but would do much better with a g-tube in her stomach, according to the McQuinn’s experience – read more at the linked blog post), and has multiple special needs including CP and epilepsy


  • Waniya and Cara are home! Follow their journey here.
  • Squishy baby Andre is home with his family.

None of these children are any less worthy than any other child of families, of love, of a life worth living. they are already here, and they need us now. They need help finding their families, who are undoubtedly looking for them, but just haven’t managed to find them yet.

If you are considering adoption, Reece’s Rainbow is a good resource for photo listings as well as assistance with other questions you may have, and also helps in facilitating adoptions in-country.


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