Children Who Are Aging Out

PD: Two children cuddle on the floor, & one has Down Syndrome. Text over the image reads: “ Live simply so others may simply live. Mother Theresa. #downsyndrome #adoption #specialneeds #orphannomore”

Updated 3/21/18

Recap of the children covered so far in HFoB’s blog posts featuring aging out children on the Reece’s Rainbow adoption listing and fundraising website.

HFoB’s first post here: What We Can Do Better

Please share to boost visibility and increase the chances for these children to be adopted before they age out of the adoption programs in their respective countries (in most Asian countries, 14; in most Eastern European countries, 16). Please share these children so they can find forever families.

Children who have been rescued:

  • *Denzel, named Daniel, is home with his family! Follow them here.
  • *Soleil’s family has found her! She will be joining 6 siblings, 2 of whom were adopted with the help of Reece’s Rainbow in 2014! ADOPTION COMPLETE!
  • *Ashley’s family has found her! Follow them here. She joins her sister, *Prudence, who is also in the process of being adopted at the same time as Ashley, as well as 5 other siblings already at home! ADOPTION COMPLETE!
  • Gideon has a family! They will also be bringing home Alissa. ADOPTION COMPLETE!
  • ClaraBentley, and Skyler are home with their family.
  • Winnie has been adopted domestically!
  • Vance’s family has found him! Find their sponsorship page here.
  • Dawn’s family has found her! Find their sponsorship page here.
  • Chantelle-Ann, who has Down Syndrome, has been taken into domestic foster care.


Unfortunately, all the following children aged out before a family was found.

Eastern Europe
Duane, Andruis, Kara, Leroy, Solomon, Dixon, Adam, Angela, Bailey, Paige

Saul, Barry, Galan, Dani, Aurora, Charlene, Daphne, Andrew, Jennie, Evelyn, Rebecca, Dean

Latin America

All children who have listed out can be found here, on Reece’s Rainbow’s “Aged Out Before a Family Was Found” page.

For other available children listed on Reece’s Rainbow and at risk of aging out, follow this link.

Hands Full of Blooms’ blog can be found here.


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