Nikki & Merissa’s Kids: Teagan’s Osteomyelitis

Please visit the link posted here if you or someone you know has experience in treating Osteomyelitis, or infection of the bone. One of Nikki & Merissa’s daughters at SCH in India, *Teagan (name changed to protect privacy, per India’s adoption rules), who is 4, has been battling this infection for quite some time and they are seeking advice out-of-country, as they have exhausted all avenues in the area. The infection is in *Teagan’s orbital bone around her eye, as well as her jaw – it has spread from the eye to portions of the face. She has had a number of interventions, none of which have proved overall successful in beating this infection.

Photo description: *Teagan sits on a red swing wearing a blue plaid dress and a bow in her hair. She is smiling. The top half of her face is covered with a heart to protect her identity.

Please read Nikki’s linked blog post at the top of the page if you are able to help, or share by spreading the word on social media, your blog, or in-person. *Teagan’s quality of life can be improved so much more if the infection were to be eliminated. Cancer, TB, and other illnesses have been ruled out and *Teagan’s foster moms have run out of resources in their region of India. They are at a stand-still in *Teagan’s treatment and are just waiting for that push that helps further their cause.

Thanks for any help you may be able to give! Nikki can be contacted privately at the link above, as well.


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