Bloom Family in Need

June Update: The Blooms’ adoption is complete! However, they are returning to adopt one last child  – a young girl with Down Syndrome who has been neglected and malnourished, but is now improving slowly with the help of Maya’s Hope. Donate to this RR fund to help with the adoption fees. The Blooms are so close to bringing their precious girl home.

Original post:

The Bloom family travels soon (October 27th!) to rescue their 4 children from 2 government orphanages/institutions in an Eastern European country from which they have adopted previously. The Bloom family is struggling to fund-raise the remaining $15,000 needed to fully fund their adoption.

Auction Fundraiser here (CLOSED).

RR donation link here.

Please read this blog post and consider donating whatever you can. the Blooms will be starting a couple more fundraising ventures soon, and I will, again, update on those here. The Blooms are desperate to save their four children. All have been neglected, dare I say even abused in their current orphanages/institutions. At least one of their sons may be starving to death, alongside living with a potentially terminal illness. The Blooms have an emergency medical plan set up for him when they arrive back in the US, where they will take him straight to the hospital to be treated. Another of their sons has technically aged out of adoption, but due to their submittal of important paperwork, they will still be able to adopt him. The ‘court’ process for him is said to be very difficult. But when he is home, he will be reunited with one of his close friends – who will now become his brothers.

But they will not give up. They are determined to bring all four of their children home. They are driven to getting them home, getting them healthy, and loving them unconditionally. They will have loving siblings. They will have incredible, loving, supportive parents. They will likely have an amazing extended family. They will have so much love. Their needs will be more than just ‘met’. They will more than ‘exist’. These children will LIVE. They will live, because of the dedication of their parents and family. Some of their newest children will be reunited with friends they have had a long time. The Blooms have adopted from either one or both of the orphanages/institutions where their children now reside.

Please share this need, regardless of your ability to give financially. Visibility is one of the biggest fights the Blooms will face. They need people to SEE their children, SEE  the conditions in which they are living, SEE how much love and proper care can improve their lives. SEE how medical interventions can improve their quality of life. They need people to SEE what love can do. Their 4 sons who are currently home from the same country already, are a testament to all these things. They have thrived in a family. These four children can flourish, too. Amos, Daisy, Lee, and Violet need your help, and they need it sooner rather than later.

Please give to this cause however you can.


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