Advocate Partnership: SCH

I’m becoming an ‘official’ advocate partner with Sarah’s Covenant Homes!

Check out their brand-new, beautifully re-designed website here.

You can become an advocate too! Use this link to go directly to the advocate page.

You can also set up a monthly recurring donation to a child’s sponsorship, send a gift from SCH’s Amazon wishlist (choose a general or home-specific list to begin!), or volunteer directly in India (short term or long term, or as a medical professional or house parent).

To meet the children in each home, click here!

Read SCH’s origin story, and meet the people who run SCH, here.

Read SCH’s budding blog here. This is a re-vamped blog featuring posts written by foster parents, short and long term volunteers, and others.

Subscribe to the mailing list, and access other links to assist SCH, here.



You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

If you want to find out more about why I advocate for SCH, you can read this post, written in 2014. For the broader strokes concerning why I think advocating for SCH is so, so worth it, you can read this post.

To read more of my blogs about the children at SCH, or just SCH in general, you can read any of the posts in the following categories: Sarah’s Covenant Homes or Anjali/April; or search for the following tags: Addie;  Brianna; Cedar; Charlotte/Deepa; Chloe; Dinah; Esther; Heidi; Jasmine; Jeanette; Lily; Louise/Aleeya; Mae; Molly; Naomi; Nolan; Paula; Phoebe; Promise; Rebekah; Selah; Stephanie; Teagan; Theo/Vignesh; Victoria; or Zinnia. Some of these posts may be out-of-date.

Consider giving to SCH any way you can! They really are a fantastic organization that is focused on getting kids back together with biological families, getting kids adopted, ensuring kids and young adults have reliable homes if they cannot be reunited or adopted, and furthering the general welfare of children and young adults who have been abandoned due to their special needs or disabilities. The perception of people with disabilities in the developing world is not the same as it is in most ‘developed’ nations.

There are many reasons a child could be orphaned or abandoned. This is a reality. We should be working towards restoring as many children as possible to their families, and if not possible, then providing them with a safe, healthy, enriched environment in which they can thrive, grow, play, and learn. Where they can be educated, receive surgeries and therapies for any disabilities they may have, be loved by families, no matter how those families came to be united, and be valued for who they are as people. For others to look past their disabilities or special needs, and see that shining person inside. That fighting spirit. That pluck to keep going, even when it’s hard.

The road is long, but you can help. Get involved with the SCH community however you can. Whatever involvement looks like to you, pursue it.


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