Signal Boost: Stephan

Update: *STEPHAN HAS A FAMILY!!!! This is why I advocate, spread the word, share, signal boost, and further promote waiting children.

Johnston family Hand of Help in Adoption  & Reece’s Rainbow donation pages

Wide Awake Family: From Darkness Into Light

Click the link above to read Wide Awake Family’s most recent blog post, “From Darkness Into Light”.

In it is featured a young boy who lives in an institution in Eastern Europe where WAF has adopted a child, and continues to provide help there while living in-country. This boy is listed on Reece’s Rainbow as *Stephan. *Stephan is 13 years old, but appears to be around the size of a 6 or 7 year old child. 8Stephan is blind, but is believed to have some amount of light perception to be able to see shadows. He also has some other diagnoses.

He loves to seek out sensory input, especially by spinning and flapping his hands. Right now, he is functioning somewhere around the cognitive level of a toddler, due to the extreme neglect involved with being an orphan who lives in an institution.

*Stephan needs a family. As I said, an institution is no place for a child. Especially a child who has one of his senses reduced. He could receive vision therapy as well as other forms of therapy in a family. He would have love, care, and understanding in a family. His medical needs could be better-managed in a family. He is eligible for an Older Child grant through RR, due to his age of greater than 10.

The best part is, WAF has spent time with *Stephan and the other boys in this institution! They are more than willing to talk to anyone who may be interested in adopting *Stephan! WAF is looking into building or refurbishing group homes for some of the younger boys in the institution who are unable to be adopted due to their age, but *Stephan still has hope for a family to find him. All he needs is a little ‘visibility’ boost, as ironic as that may seem.

Please share *Stephan so that he may find his family. I’m sure they are out there looking for him, they just haven’t been connected yet.

Share *Stephan, be the change!


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