Update on the Bedridden Project, Driven by HFoB

Hands Full of Blooms has a new blog post (please follow the link to read before continuing this post) regarding The Bedridden Project, which collaborates with children’s/orphans’ aid organizations and fundraises for caregivers for children who are in bedridden wards or “laying down rooms” in poor or destitute orphanages. In one of the featured orphanages’ laying down rooms,  one of the children HFoB family is adopting, *Lee, lives, along with two other boys who have families coming for them (previously *Phoenix and *Denzel on Reece’s Rainbow), whom I have written about before.

HFoB family advocates for these children who have no one else in the world. Some of them are true orphans, who have lost both parents, and others have living relatives who cannot take care of them due to their complex medical needs, financial insecurity, and other factors. These children in this particular institution are literally wasting away because it does not have the resources to care for the kids. They have accepted and then stopped assistance before through Maya’s Hope, but have since canceled that assistance. They are now seeking assistance once more, to the effect of hiring caregivers, which they are sorely lacking, as well as doctor’s visits to evaluate how much formula each child should be receiving in order to get back to the textbook definition of ‘health’ (that is to say, more than skin and bones).

Some of these children and young adults will never be able to be adopted, because they have aged out. Therefore, even adoption cannot save some of these children. Their only chance is to be transferred to a foster home, or hope that aid comes to their remote institutions. That is why projects like The Bedridden Project are so important. They help keep children alive, children who would otherwise waste away to nothing and die of starvation due to circumstances they cannot control. For the children who are of adoptable age, they need out of the institution NOW.

There are a number of children in this particular institution who are in fact available for international adoption right now. They can be found on Reece’s Rainbow, using the links provided by HFoB in their post (linked at the top of this post).

The situation is urgent. If you know anyone who is planning an adoption, and would be open to a special needs adoption with the possibility of a child who has complex medical needs, please share this post with them, as well as HFoB’s original post. Browse the rest of their blog. They also have ongoing posts regarding children available for adoption who are listed on Reece’s Rainbow,  who are aging out in their countries of origin. Aging out means they become unable to be adopted.

Share on your social media platforms, if possible. Give to the funds of the children listed on Reece’s Rainbow, so that their families, when they are found, will have their costs reduced. Give to The Bedridden Project so that the lives of all the children at the institution can benefit, and so that the project can continue to grow and support other orphanages and institutions in need. Give to Maya’s Hope, which is an organization which provides some aid to this and other similar institutions, so that they may continue their cause and help aid and rescue more children.

Here is that link to HFoB’s blog post, again. I urge you to read it now and then decide if you can help in any way.

Share the cause, share the children, be the village, save lives. Be the change.


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