Hands Full of Blooms Has Their Travel Date!

Update: Adoption complete! The Blooms also went back for one more girl named Yulia, who had severe medical needs. She is also safely home and thriving.

If it seems like I’ve been writing about Hands Full of Blooms a lot, that’s because I have!

While the family behind HFoB has been fiercely advocating for children who are about to age out of their respective systems of adoption in their home countries, they have also been in the process of adopting four ‘older’ children of their own, from the same region and country in Eastern Europe! They have shared so many waiting children, as well as advocating for other families who are currently adopting, so I want to share their family’s adoption, too.

They have received travel dates, as well as the date of their first ‘appointment‘ (click the link to learn more), which in adoption language means they now know when they will be in-country to begin that stage of their adoption.

They will travel in November! Now that the family knows when they will be traveling, they have a goal date for which to fund-raise! I am not sure if they can continue to collect funds whilst in-country, so you will have to read about the specifics over at the blog post linked below.

Find their current fundraisers here. You can donate to any of these fundraisers to help cover the cost of HFoB family’s adoption. The fees may seem great, but the village rooting for this family is greater! You can help. It doesn’t  need to be much, anything helps. If you can’t give, please share. It means so much.

Find out more about the process of international adoption here (basic information) and here (Reece’s Rainbow-specific; RR is a Christian-based advocacy and grant-writing site, not a legal adoption agency), if you’re interested in adopting or know someone who is. Sharing resources and knowledge can be the first step in reducing the number of orphans worldwide. All it takes is one little click.

Reece’s Rainbow homepage (public): here

Rainbow Kids Adoption (account required to view children – also has great resources on international adoption): here

Raising a child takes a village. Help be HFoB family’s village.

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