Keep Shouting: Bloom Family Updates & RR Reminder

Update 2019: Unfortunately, Miriam passed away in late 2018 :(. This is heartbreaking.

But, ‘Posey’s’ (Esther) family is coming! They are also bringing home another little girl called ‘Scout’ (Ziva), who is in desperate need of medical attention! Support them here and here.

Update 2018: Yulia, the child who the Bloom family returned to adopt, is now home.

Update August: The Bloom family are home with their 4 new sons and daughters, and are now returning to EE for just one more.

I’m going to keep shouting for these families until all their children are home.

If you need a refresher, the Bloom family is adopting 4 more children from Eastern Europe with special needs.

You may remember the Bloom family adopted *Barton, *Evan, *Theo, and *Orion from Reece’s Rainbow, and the boys also came from the same institution where *Violet, *Lee, *Daisy, and *Amos currently reside. These are the children the Bloom family plan to adopt. They need help now to finish raising the funds to rescue their children.

*Lee is quickly losing weight, and he is already tiny. He is bedridden, wasting away un-stimulated because the institution staff doesn’t have the time or effort to give him the therapy and care he needs.

*Violet and *Daisy are both mobile girls, so they do not reside in the bedridden room, or ‘laying down room’, where they are essentially ignored. *Daisy lives in a small group home with 7 other children. *Violet is in a room where she is with other semi-mobile children.

*Amos, who is 16 and only able to be adopted because the Blooms began the process of his adoption before his 16th birthday, lives in the part of the institution reserved for adult men. *Amos is a close friend to the Blooms’ older boys (*Barton, *Theo, and *Orion), and used to live with them.

The Blooms’ dossier is now in-country where their children reside. This is a good step forward, but there is yet still more to traverse.

They continue to advocate for the children who will be left behind in the institution where their boys lived, in the institution where their four more children currently live.

There are mobile children who live in group homes: *Miriam, who has FAS.

And then, there are bedridden children whose condition is catastrophic. Most of these children have treatable disabilities.

They are: *Posey (*Posey’s family is coming!)| *Zoey |*Quinn (as of March 2019, these 2 children still wait)

None of these children currently look like the referral photos on their listings with Reece’s Rainbow. The Blooms’ blog post has recently updated photos of all these children, and they are deteriorating. Even children whose condition and disabilities are manageable and/or mild, are deteriorating in an institution, without love, without families, even without proper medical care. This is a poor institution. They are understaffed. They are under-trained. They are almost certainly underpaid and overworked. They can only do so much.

See them. Give to them. Fall in love with them. Adopt them.

Children belong in families, not lying in beds all day and night in remote institutions. But because of the country in which they were born, they are not seen as valuable. They are not seen as treatable. They are not seen to have manageable conditions.

Please read the Blooms’ blog post (adoption completed), donate to RR, donate to the childrens’ adoption funds, adopt a child yourself if you’re in a capable position. Do something. Be the change.

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