UPDATED! Adoption & RR: 3 Signal Boosts

Today, I have three signal boosts. They are meant to help out three families who are in the process of adopting from Eastern European countries.

McQuinn Family

Update 10/21: The McQuinn Family were unable to adopt *Beth (who is now home in America with her forever family), and *Ricky was of an age old enough to decide that he wanted to live on his own, but they will brought home *Phoenix and *Denzel who had been featured on Reece’s Rainbow as well, in addition to *Elizabeth.

Follow their blog here for updates.

Both *Denzel and *Phoenix lived in an institution in Eastern Europe where Maya’s Hope, a charity based in New York and run by Maya Rowencak, also provides assistance. *Denzel and *Phoenix are two boys with multiple diagnoses who resided in a ‘laying down room’, or a room full of bedridden children.



The first family in need of help is the McQuinn family. They have been advocated for by the McCallister family (that blog post can be found here), who are adopting *Ulysses.

The McQuinn family is adopting three kids – *Ricky, who is aging out of the system,  *Elizabeth, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and *Beth, who is blind and in danger of being transferred to an adult institution which has a notorious reputation for abusing young girls. This family is in dire need to reach their daughter, *Elizabeth, in time, as the country where she currently lives cannot provide her with the medication or therapies she needs for her eventually-terminal illness. The McQuinns have two daughters who also live with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, so they know the ins-and-outs of the disability.

You can read and follow along with the McQuinn family’s personal blog here: Love Makes Us StrongerADOPTION COMPLETED!

Newest blog post for the McQuinn family adoption can be found here. It is going to be a bake sale giveaway. Follow the link to the post for more information as well as prizes! August is SMA Awareness Month. Please consider donating to the McQuinn family’s adoption in honor of this awareness month.

In addition, this blog post (click the link to read) is a plea to help two other children in dire situations in Eastern European orphanages, along with a heartfelt explanation of *Elizabeth’s Reece’s Rainbow ‘code’ name. The post was written by her mother, who is coming for her just as soon as her family is allowed by the two involved governments to adopt *Elizabeth and her future siblings *Ricky and *Beth. I strongly urge you to read it if you have ever had any doubts as to why people adopt children. They do it because they have truly fallen in love with the children whom they feel have been chosen for their families. There are no ulterior motives, no sinister underlying reasons. They simply love the children they are pursuing.


McAllister Family
 is the McAllisters’ full blog. The McAllisters originally posted about the McQuinn family, and following the link above takes you to their full blog post concerning that family.


Anderson Family
The Anderson family are bringing home a child from Eastern Europe – *Yasmine. *Yasmine had a chronic kidney condition which required medication that was not available in Europe. The family funded her medication until they could complete her adoption.

Follow them here




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