Reece’s Rainbow: Orphanage 50 & Maya’s Hope

Update March 2019: *Elijah and *Jonathan (at risk of aging out) are still waiting.

*Fabio and *Jason unfortunately aged out before a family was found.

This post features children who live in an orphanage that is, in part, supported by Maya’s Hope, a charity based in New York City and run by Maya Rowencak, who has advocated for orphans living in poor conditions, assisted in improving their orphanage, and actively advocates for their adoptions.

Follow this link to find the children of Orphanage 50 on Reece’s Rainbow (*please note, the children’s names are changed on RR’s site to protect their privacy. The names of these children are not reflected in Maya’s Hope’s web page or Facebook page; she uses their given names). The orphanage is located in Eastern Europe (the number is arbitrarily given to the orphanage for RR’s purposes only).

Maya’s Hope sponsors caregivers, as well as nutritious food, educational toys, and other needs for Orphanage 50 along with some satellite foster homes and a couple other orphanages not listed specifically on RR. The region in which these children live often waives a 10-day waiting period, which is standard in most countries, in the cases of children with disabilities.

On RR, you can advocate for a child by spreading the word about them. You can share their profiles. You can donate to RR’s fund for each child individually.

Eligible for an OLDER CHILD GRANT – over the age of 10:
Boys: *Elijah, *Jonathan

I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant

Maya’s Hope also advocates for children in the Philippines.

Learn more about MH in their own words here, on their about page!

Donate directly to Maya’s Hope, or sign up to sponsor a child, here.

Link to MH’s blog is here.

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