Blog Hop Link: Nikki Cochrane: Raising Children Who Are Blind

My friend, Nikki, who is fostering 12 children at Sarah’s Covenant Homes in India along with her co-foster mama, Merissa, is writing a series of blogs pertaining to raising children who are blind. 6 of the children who live in Nikki and Merissa’s foster home have some degree of blindness (5 living with complete blindness and 1 living with partial blindness). The first blog in the series is password-protected in order to conceal the identity of the children (India no longer allows full, identifying photos of children available for adoption on the internet), but below is the last excerpt of that post.

Want to learn more about parenting a blind child? I would love to write a blog post answering any questions that you have, and sharing more about the ways we have changed our lifestyle to help our blind kids thrive! I would love to see our blind children be adopted into loving forever families […] and I want to start breaking down barriers about how “scary” blindness is! Click the link to submit your questions!

Following the link provided in the introduction paragraph above, you can ask Nikki anything  you want to know about parenting children who are blind.

The following posts are public (not password protected), and are the first two official blogs to the series:

Part one includes some additional information about the blog series! It also begins to answer some questions that have been submitted to Nikki already. Topics: sleep/melatonin, colors (video included from an adult Youtube user who is blind), and difference discrimination!
Raising Children Who Are Blind, Part 1

Part two in the series introduces you to a family who has adopted a daughter from India who is blind. It is an excellent introduction to some of the challenges involved with adopting and parenting children who are blind.
Raising Children Who Are Blind, Part 2

Part three in the series covers some more reader questions! Topics include: your child’s blindness and traffic; consuming media (including a new Disney film audio description app!); and interacting with a child when meeting them for the first time (hint: most often it is the new greeter who is uncomfortable, rather than the child)!
Raising Children Who Are Blind, Part 3

Part four, covering language as well as echolalia. Includes link to Bethel China’s Facebook page for additional information and listings of waiting children. Bethel provides services to many orphaned children living in China who are blind.
Raising Children Who Are Blind, Part 4

Part five discusses fine motor activities with blind children, including cutting and gluing; and etiquette when it comes to interacting with and/or assisting someone who is blind.
Raising Children Who Are Blind, Part 5

Part six discusses learning Braille (plus resources), tips for eating/feeding, and coping when adopted children have multiple special and/or medical needs.
Raising Children Who Are Blind, Part 6

To learn more about SCH, visit their newly updated website, SCH India. To get involved, follow this link.

Other children listed for adoption at Reece’s Rainbow who are blind:
EE: Clio (wears glasses), GageWendyHollaceChristinaKanani (URGENT NEED), CambriaRobert, DonnaScoutSusieToddJenna (her family is on the way – meet them here!), Posey, Kraig, Ronan (most likely visually impaired/low vision), Alisha (low vision), Donny (residual sight/low vision), Bowie (blind & low vision), Delta (missing one eye, low vision in other), Zoey (unconfirmed – listed as ‘coloboma of optic disc’, which can cause various degrees of vision impairment)

South Asia: *Chloe (from SCH!), *Jeanette (from SCH! Note that while *Jeanette does have a prosthetic left eye, it does not provide her any vision and she is completely blind)

Both girls use guide canes to navigate and are learning Braille. You can learn more about them by searching their names in the search function of this blog, or by browsing the tags.

Latin America: Mandy

Asia: JoyAnna (her family is coming!), JesseKopelanLizzieTobias-JamesRupertGigiEmerlyseArmandWarren
, Kendall, Jordy (has low vision), Victor, Ava, Sadie, Austyn (low vision – he has albinism), Mark

Location Unspecified: HarmonyBrendan


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