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Hands Full of Blooms: What We Can Do Better

Please follow the link above to read Hands Full of Blooms‘ featured blog post, which includes links to profiles of children waiting for families. They are listed on the Reece’s Rainbow adoption advocating website. These children need families. Most are in situations where they may be in danger of aging out of adoption soon in their country, have significant medical needs which require attention ASAP, or have been waiting a long time to be adopted.

Of course, not everyone is able to adopt a child, but sharing the profiles of waiting children can help boost their visibility and increase their chances of being adopted. Most live in countries where people with disabilities are seen as lacking value; many others know this to be untrue, as every person has value and can contribute to society in some way or another.  No child should be dying alone without ever knowing the love of a family. A loving family is the best environment for a child. Please share these children on your own blog so that they may find their forever families. They are out there, just waiting to be connected.

The blog was written by a family who has adopted four children internationally with the grant help of Reece’s Rainbow, and are currently in the process of bringing home 4 more children (follow the link for updates)ADOPTION COMPLETED! The Blooms are, however, going back for one more little girl!

Hands Full of Blooms are headed back to Eastern Europe to adopt again – four more treasures, *Amos, *Daisy, *Lee, and *Violet on RR!

In addition, please read this blog post for more information about “The Bedridden Project”, which supports an orphanage containing a large ‘bedridden ward’ designated for children who are not mobile. Many of these children have severe special needs which require addressing and many are listed for international adoption. The only way they have a chance to improve is if someone rescues them via adoption. Otherwise, all hope will be lost when they are transferred to an adult mental institution after aging out of the system, when they will be no longer available for adoption.

And children transferred to adult mental institutions often do not grow up. They die there. This is a bleak picture, but a reality for some of the children who will be sent there because their lives are not seen to have worth. But they do have worth. Every child has worth. Every child deserves a family. Every child deserves love. Please consider sharing these posts or if you feel led, pursue one or more of these children yourself.

More children who are aging out:
Hands Full of Blooms: Marshall, Leonard, and Flynn are Aging Out
Note: Unfortunately, *Marshall, *Leonard, and *Flynn aged out before a family could be found for them.

Hands Full of Blooms: Tara, Ashley and Toni Are Aging Out
Note: Unfortunately, *Tara and *Toni aged out before families could be found for them.
Note 2: *Ashley has been adopted! 

Hands Full of Blooms: Saul, Barry, and Winnie Are Aging Out!
Note: Unfortunately, *Saul, *Barry, and *Winnie aged out in December.

Hands Full of Blooms: Scotty and Elsbeth Are Aging Out
Note: *Scotty has decided against his being adopted, a personal choice to which he is entitled as he is a neuro-typically developing child.

*Elsbeth aged out before a family was found.

Hands Full of Blooms: Galan and Dani Are Aging Out
Note: *Galan aged out in January. *Dani aged out in February.

Hands Full of Blooms: Michael Is Aging Out
Note: *Michael aged out before a family could be found.

Hands Full of Blooms: Nelson & Duane Are Aging Out, Plus the July Aging Out Recap
Note: Nelson aged out in October. will aged out in November.

Click here for an update on *Duane, from Hands Full of Blooms’ own writer, who has adopted children from the same institution where *Duane resides. This post shares some hard truths about orphanage life, but *Duane is worthy of a family no matter what. He has a large grant through RR and the writer behind Hands Full of Blooms can put prospective adoptive parents in touch with someone who has spent time with *Duane and knows his personality pretty well.

Hands Full of Blooms: Elijah and Aurora Are Aging Out, Plus an Update on Elsbeth
Note: Elijah aged out in June 2017. Aurora aged out in May 2017.

Hands Full of Blooms: Andruis and Kara Are Aging Out
Andruis aged out in December. Kara aged out in December.

For other children featured on Reece’s Rainbow who are at risk of aging out, follow this link.

The full Hands Full of Blooms blog can be found here.


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