Louise Needs a Second Cochlear Implant!

Update 2017: *Louise, real name Sahithi, received her second cochlear implant. Sahi has been adopted by an American family! She now lives with her mother, father, and siblings. She has been named Aleeya Sahithi.

All Sahi’s former foster siblings from SCH are available for adoption.

Today, I’m writing about a little girl who lives in India. Her name is *Louise (this is an online name to protect her privacy), and she is three years old. *Louise is D/deaf and already has a cochlear implant on her right side. She is sassy, smart, and funny. She communicates through a combination of speech and sign language and is really starting to bloom.

But, *Louise is struggling with learning to hear. Getting a second implant will improve *Louise’s hearing and in turn, improve her ability to speak clearly. The second implant will also help her to better mesh into her world, since India, like other developing countries, is less accessible to the D/deaf at this time.

*Louise lives at Sarah’s Covenant Homes in Courage Home. SCH is an organization that rescues previously abandoned children from government orphanages in Hyderabad.

She lives with her two foster mothers, Nikki & Tori, 11 foster siblings, and ayahs (caregivers), and they love to live, laugh, and love together. She received a year of auditory therapy at the hospital where she received her first implant, as well as at home with her foster moms and a teacher. She is becoming fluent in ASL, and uses a combination of speech and sign language to communicate. *Louise attends mainstream preschool and is thriving in that environment.


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