Oh, baking. You are always an adventure. I’m terrible at baking, yet I stubbornly insist upon trying to do it. But maybe that’s a good thing. Today I baked, frosted, and iced a cake. 1 Betty Crocker moist lemon cake,frosted with cream cheese frosting, iced in purple.

The baking of the actual cake went without debacle. I mixed the ingredients. I greased and floured the pan. I poured the cake mix in and into the oven it went to bake for 22 minutes.

I left it to cool without incident while I drove to the grocery store for cream cheese since we were out (they were on sale, so of course I bought two). Of course I made a few impulse buys, including a tube of icing. I can never resist. I avoided the unfriendly cashier of whom I am not fond, checked out my own groceries, and headed home.

Now, the frosting.

Of course I’m impatient, so instead of waiting for the cream cheese and butter to thaw in the windowsill, I defrost-nuked them both and then tried to beat  them with the electric mixer. Which turned into a lumpy, curdled-looking mess. I called my mother, asked her advice, then tried to again put the now-mixed ingredients back into the microwave to defrost for 30 seconds more. This created a yucky-looking, separated mess, which would not remix and still looked hideously lumpy.

Needless to say, I flubbed my first try. But, not one to quit, I put yet another 8 oz. of cream cheese and stick of butter on the windowsill and let it sit. For an hour. I then proceeded to mix my two ingredients without issue. I added the called-for vanilla and 1 lb. of powdered sugar, 2 tbs of milk, and frosted my cake without incident. I even iced it, for maybe the 3rd time in my life, in purple icing no less (turns out we had a tube already, containing just enough for one last cake)! I then patted myself on the back.

I had done it! And there had been no crying involved, even when I had to throw the first yucky, unsalvagable mess away. A year ago, I would have given up after that first messed up frosting batch. Not today. I can tell my few months of therapy has paid off. I did not give up from anxiety or frustration. I powered through. I accomplished a goal. And I had leftover frosting to spare.

Today, I baked a cake.

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