Dinah Girl

Update 2017: *Dinah receives hippotherapy (she rides horses!) at a local horse stable. She attends Anjali School for the Blind in her home at Courage Home Purple, where she learns life skills and other educational skills. Dinah’s nystagmus (constant ‘shaking’ or ‘vibrating’ of the eyes) affects  her vision, but she does have sight. She does doctor-recommended exercises to help strengthen her eye muscles. She has a bright and bubbly personality and the most beautiful, long, dark hair! Her ayahs love to braid and style it, and no one ever wants to get it cut!

*Dinah is fully sponsored, so all her needs are met needs just $10/month more to be fully sponsored. Sign up to become one of her sponsors here! She has gained some foster siblings in *Mae, *Addie, and *Teagan. Her former foster siblings, *Louise/Aleeya, *Theo/Vignesh, and *Charlotte/Deepa have been adopted!

All these things have been made possible by co-foster moms Nikki and Merissa’s love and care.

Photo Description: *Dinah, standing with her hands on the balcony railing, facing the camera. She is smiling, though a blue star is covering her face to protect her identity. Her hair is in two braids and she is wearing a long pink t-shirt and tan pants tucked into tall horseback riding boots!

Here is an update on *Dinah.

*Dinah turned 7 years old in February. I’ve written about *Dinah before, but she’s never had her own post that I can remember, so here it is! *Dinah has made all sorts of progress recently. She’s learned to walk, say her first word, play with toys, play with others, and make mischief. Boy, does she love to make mischief!

She can also get to a stand from the floor independently and without pulling up on anything. *Dinah’s walking is a real milestone for her. She has mild diplegic cerebral palsy, which affects her legs and has made it more difficult for her to learn to walk in the past. She receives daily therapy from her foster moms and ayahs. She now uses walking as her preferred method of moving (she can also crawl very well), and is very motivated to walk.

Her ayah (caregiver) loves her very much! She also has an eye condition called nystagmus, which means her eyes ‘vibrate’. Luckily, she recently visited a doctor who prescribed eye exercises to help strengthen her eyes and help her compensate for the shaking. She is learning to use an iPad to play educational learning games and communicate using programmed speech buttons.

She knows her daily routine and has many ways of making herself known, such as making her way to the table in another room when she’s hungry, or taking herself to bed when she’s tired. She loves finding and dumping cups of water no matter where they are in the house, and throwing everyone’s shoes to the ground from their second-story apartment! Her family calls her the mischief-maker of the home.

Read more in-depth about *Dinah at foster mom Nikki’s blog here (due to governmental concern, privacy changed have been made – this means that to follow along with Tori and Nikki and their children’s progress, you will need to join their respective mailing lists), and foster mom Tori’s blog here.

She gained two foster sisters, as eldest sister *Promise transitioned to a more age-appropriate and permanent foster home (Jubilee Home).


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