Dear Promise…

Update 2017: *Promise is thriving in her new foster home, Faith Home. While the foster family mentioned at the bottom of this post had to transition out of the home at the end of their volunteer period, the girls continue to receive love and care from caregivers. They can learn vocations and other life skills. *Promise loves to dance by spinning in circles and clapping. She also loves to ‘sing’, by making lots of creative noises. She is happy as can be. Promise needs $250/month more to be fully sponsored, as some of her previous sponsors had to cancel. Sign up to sponsor her here.



I see you. And you are beautiful. So beautiful. I hope you know that you are beautiful, and loved. So, so much. You are so amazing, and we are all so proud of how far you have come. I am so glad you have stability of health now that you did not have just a few short years ago. You really are a miracle.

You are such a strong fighter, yet so gentle and quiet. Your spirit transcends continents and your giggle lights up the lives of people all over the world. You bring absolute joy to people you’ve never met, and this is such a special talent. You have overcome many of your disabilities with grace – spina bifida, kidney issues, cataracts, among other things. You have found your voice, which was quashed some time ago; I don’t know when, but I do know it could have been prevented.

You have overcome years of preventable neglect at the hands of a government orphanage that probably tried their best, but just couldn’t provide you with the things you desperately needed, or didn’t see worth in treating you because of the society into which you have been born. But then Sarah came along, and she saw past all the ‘disabilities’ you, and your foster siblings, and the rest of the kids at SCH were labeled and diagnosed with. Sarah saw your potential. She saw you as a person, as a child, as a living, breathing being who deserved more. She saw how special you were. She saw you.

You deserve to be seen. You deserve visibility, love, education that fits your needs, and all the basic necessities of living, plus more. We have never met, but I love you. And most importantly, your Father loves you. He made you fearfully and wonderfully, as they say. Promise, there have been times in which I have thought about you and all the progress you’ve been making. To know where you’ve been and see where you’re going is simply amazing. Since you are 17, you are no longer able to be adopted. While that makes me sad to some extent, I am also happy that SCH found you, because you will be able to live with them forever. SCH is your forever family, and that’s okay. Recently I heard you are working on transitioning into a foster family who will love, care for, and teach you for the rest of your life. I know they will continue to see you, advocate for you, and take care of you. I love you, and there are so many others who love you and see the value in you, as well. I can’t wait to see how far you will go, sweet girl! Keep on making noise ❤



Update 2016: *Promise as transitioned into a foster family within SCH with other girls who have aged out of India’s international adoption program, led by an amazing couple and their three daughters. While this may seem like a sad milestone, it is made happy by the fact that SCH doesn’t release children in need just because they’ve aged out; once they’ve reached 16 and are unable to live on their own, they stay with SCH for the rest of their lives. Please also keep them in your thoughts and pray for them and this need if you feel so led.


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