Gymboree for Nikki & Tori’s Toddlers!

Update: This need has been covered! *Louise, *Theo, *Charlotte, and *Chloe are fully sponsored for 3 months of Gymboree classes šŸ™‚

Nikki and Tori have an opportunity to get *Louise, *Theo, *Charlotte, and *Chloe into 3 months of Gymboree classes, at the greatly discounted price of about $115 USD per child, including transportation to and from the site. This will allow them to gain social skills ,as well as boost their sensory integration and encourage things like sensory exploration, increased attention span, play skills, etc.

This is an awesome supplemental opportunity for the kids, especially *Chloe and *Charlotte, who are experiencing lots of new things at an overwhelming pace lately.Ā This opportunity will be immensely beneficial to all the toddlers. They shouldn’t be disadvantaged because of barriers like money.

Nikki and Tori want what is best for their kids, and this is yet another step in the right direction to continue to make that happen! Play is so important for every child, as is the ability to interact with the world in which they live. Most of the kids at SCH haveĀ lived part of their lives without much stimulation, which is why this opportunity can be doubly important for children like *Charlotte and *Chloe, who are just now learning things other children their age may already be able to successfully navigate. Both girls are making progress, and this is good! They deserve every opportunity to advance these experiences.


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