Children in Need of Sponsorship: Part I

This post features children who are still in need of partial or full sponsorship at SCH. The children in this post are either blind or D/deaf/hard of hearing, or both.

To sponsor a child or check the status of their sponsorship in order to sponsor them, use the references here. You can also connect with SCH on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find SCH’s wEBSITE by clicking the link. You can make a general donation to SCH via PayPal here. To give a one-time, general donation to SCH, follow this link. Information on selling and buying in support of SCH (donating part or all of the proceeds from your items) through eBay and Amazon can be found here.

Jubilee Home

“Hope” is a young lady who has hearing loss and an intellectual disability.  She lives at Jubilee Home, where she attends vocational classes that teach her skills such as handcrafts, as well as academics, along with her foster sisters. She loves to show off her braids and is described as lovely and quiet. She is helpful and funny! Needs $100/month. Sponsor here.

Faith Home 

“Jason” is a young man who has hearing loss and wears hearing aids. He lives at Faith Home Yellow and attends mainstream private school in the community. He is is curious, rowdy, confident, and brave, and loves learning about the newest types of technology. Needs $225/month. Sponsor here.

Anchor Home

“Katherine” is a little girl who was born both D/deaf and mostly blind, with CP. She lives at Anchor Home Gold with other young children her age. Since coming to SCH, she was able to receive a cochlear implant and undergoes regular vision therapy, as she is still able to perceive light. She loves to eat! A girl after my own heart. Needs $124/month. Sponsor here.

“Kristy” is another little girl who has CP, moderate hearing loss, and anemia. Kristy lives at Anchor Home Navy. She is cuddly, smiley, and giggly! She arrived severely malnourished from a government orphanage. She’s now able to sit independently and scoot with her feet.  Needs just $75/month more! Sponsor here.

“Thomas” is a pre-teen who has CP, for which he uses a wheelchair; epilepsy; an intellectual disability; and is blind. He lives at Anchor Home Gold. He loves to be sung to and held, and his best friend is his foster brother, Valor! Needs $210/month. Sponsor here.

Faith Home

“Keren” is a young girl who was born with CP, as well as an intellectual disability, and is blind and has some compensated hydrocephalus as the result of surviving meningitis when she was a baby. She lives at Faith Green. She is described as gentle, happy and quiet, loving music, to be held, and to interact with her caregivers. Keren has a sweet smile! Needs $250/month. Sponsor here.

Courage Home

“Mae” is a 6-year-old girl who has been blind since birth. She lives at Courage Home Purple with Nikki & Merissa as her co-foster moms, and also has regular visits with her biological father and sister.  She is attending a local mainstream school in the community for the first time in her life! She will attend all by herself, with no aide, which is a first for any of SCH’s blind children. The school she attends has also had successful blind students in the past and currently has a few other children with vision impairments or blindness.

She previously attended Anjali School for the Blind at her home, where she continues to learn pre-Braille skills and practice using her guide cane. Mae is super-smart! In the government orphanage, she made up stories to volunteers about going to school. She is now so excited to attend school every day. Needs just $30/month more! Sponsor here.

*In addition, Mae’s total school fees of $630 must be paid for the first semester. You can donate toward that need by donating to Merissa’s Paypal fund here. This is a current and pressing need.

Joy Home

“Stephanie” is a young lady who was born blind – she has anophthalmia (missing eye) and microphthalmia, (small eye). She lives at Joy Home Pink. She attends Devnar School for the Blind, receives Braille training at a local centre for the Blind, and attends ASB (Anjali School for the Blind) at Courage Home Purple part-time. She navigates her surroundings using a guide cane, and has become much more confident and independent because of the freedom it gives her. She has a sweet, shy personality. Needs $250/month. Sponsor here.

To learn more about sponsorship, use the resources provided here and here.


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