Nikki & Tori’s Kids: An Update on Dinah & Courage Purple!

Update 2017: *Dinah is now walking independently. She attends on-site school at Anjali School for the Blind, where she learns life skills and academics. She participates in hippotherapy (horse riding therapy) and receives physical therapy in her home. Learn more about her by searching her name in the blog tags or choosing it in the categories.

Sorry for the delay in this post, it is taking me forever to write as I burned my pointer finger with a hot glue gun, and it slows me down significantly. However, this post is meant to be an update on Nikki & Tori’s daughter *Dinah specifically, and then more generally the current needs of Courage Home Purple (where *Dinah lives with her foster siblings, mamas, and ayahs).

*Dinah is making so much wonderful progress lately. She is blossoming. She is standing independently without support, as well as moving from a sitting to standing position unsupported and walking unsupported (she has diplegic cerebral palsy, a mild form of CP which makes walking more challenging), both un-prompted and when Nikki says ‘up’ to her, cueing her to stand up and walk. She also knows how to crawl, is learning to use the iPad, and is improving in her play skills.

These are big developments for *Dinah, who used to be unmotivated and mostly wanted to sleep. The ayahs are calling her ‘naughty girl’ affectionately, and for good reason – she loves to dump any and every cup of water she comes across, toss shoes from the second story balcony, hide them around the house, and get all the toys out of the toy box, as well as climb onto the child-sized table when no one is looking to lounge on top of it. 🙂

So much mischief! *Dinah does daily eye strengthening exercises to help combat her nystagmus, a condition which causes her eyes to ‘shake’ or ‘vibrate’ naturally. What a big girl!

Dinah’s monthly sponsor recently had to cancel, so she is now in need of monthly sponsorship pledges!  DINAH IS FULLY SPONSORED.

Edit: Tori has written a blog post which intersects with Nikki’s, as well as this one. You can read it here – it was written for Orphan Sunday, and it is beautiful – it introduces you quite well to the children in need of full or partial sponsorship in her family! Go check it out and help make a change in a child’s life. It has awesome videos as well as a small current bio of the girls who currently need their sponsorship fulfilled! 🙂

In other news, Courage Home, Nikki & Tori’s new living space with the kids, needs a little help getting started! You can offer your support here, on SCH’s official website. These needs are currently to help purchase items from the family’s Amazon India wish list (toys, clothes, snacks, and home items), which offers free shipping within India and has currency conversion [current/ongoing need as of 2017].

Thanks for reading!


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