Tori & Nikki’s Kids: Chloe and Charlotte are Home

Update: *Chloe is fully sponsored! In addition, Nikki has completed the process of adoption, and Deepa (called *Charlotte to protect her privacy before the adoption) is now her daughter! Here is a photo of them together:

Nikki & Deepa on Gotcha (adoption) Day!

Nikki and Tori have been waiting more than a year for two little girls who were living in a government orphanage. Like Anjali, they were both born blind (anopthalmia). *Charlotte is 1 and *Chloe is 3! Actually, back when they lived in their previous home, Nikki was told that one girl was the other. When it was discovered they were indeed two different girls, Nikki and Tori couldn’t say no. It just felt right that both girls would come home to them. Now, after an agonising wait, they have arrived!

*Chloe and *Charlotte have a long road full of new things ahead of them. New goals, the beginnings of an age-appropriate education, a new family, new siblings, so much love and affection, new challenges, and so much more are coming their way. *Charlotte is already learning to bear weight and stand by herself, and *Chloe is standing independently and learning to walk by herself. Their personalities are beginning to show as they come out of their shells around their family, and they are simply blossoming. In addition, all their siblings are making so much progress as well!

Can’t wait to see all the new experiences *Chloe and *Charlotte have ahead of them – it’s a big world out there, and Nikki and Tori are introducing them to it. Please keep them in your thoughts and/or prayers as the girls and their mamas go through the adjustment period that comes with getting a family. There will be struggles and bright skies along the way, but these two new little ones are about to experience a whole new world they could never have imagined.


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